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BUGS Team Action

BUGS and the white rabbit is a study in tactics. I cannot be identified with any Only Truth, and the White Rabbit includes a mystical movement with which I cannot identify. On the other hand, it is one of ours and he has concentrated on the Mantra.

This would normally have been a serious problem before, but I have a secret weapon.

I am sure Horus felt slighted by my not dealing directly with him, but personal feelings is not what we are about. In fact, one of the essential elements of team work is that we slight each other or give each other too much credit. My tiny Populist Forum consisted of me, my wife, and a Bob Hoy, who had been a newspaper photographer.

Bob Hoy had once made a commitment he could not fulfill. So I called the person he was in deep with and said Bob could not make that commitment because “He is just our publicity man, I’m responsible for decisions and commitments.”

I would “have to clear things with Bob” or with my wife.

Not only did this get us off a lot of hooks, but it also gave the impression of a large, rigidly organized operation with resources, of which we had none. The Communist Daily World denounced us as one of the Big Money Groups, like the Heritage Foundation, on the right.

We didn’t have a bank account. We didn’t have any written hierarchy or rules. We just did things.

I was talking to some of our folk on Skype and more than once someone said, “People ought to be told about…”

My reply was, “so TELL them!”

Someone high in the BNP told me I was “the most quoted person in the BNP.”

I said, “You mean the most quoted AMERICAN in the BNP?” He said, no, the most quoted PERSON. I am sure that is not true, but the point is that one major man in the Party thinks it is, so I must be doing something right.

Horus simply went ahead, got over any natural worries, and did the job.

Well done, Comrades.