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Complete Discussion of Obama the Man

People ask me what I think of Obama.

I reply, “He’s black.”

They then wait for more. I add nothing. You know me well enough to realize that I often consider the period the most important part of a sentence. I was asked what I think of Obama and that period indicates that the reply is complete.

The new administration began exactly the same way Clinton’s first term did. Clinton had Hillary set up a committee to reform health care. He tried to sell this reform and his popularity dropped from its honeymoon high. Obama started off the same way.

But when Clinton did things you knew it was CLINTON who did them. Clinton is a political genius. There are a thousand things you can say about Clinton, but his initiatives were HIS initiatives.

No one can point to one single thing that is Obama’s idea or Obama’s initiative. His election has put the old Ivy League liberal crowd back into control of the White House. You know, “the best and the brightest” who got us into Vietnam.

There is nothing Obama says or does that any particularly puppet-like Democratic president wouldn’t do. He says nothing that comes from HIM.

All this one can deduce from my answer.

IF you stop looking for some kind of respectable conservative respect, you see that the period is the most important part of the sentence.