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Christ Forgives, Time Doesn’t

A commenter wrote a very flattering piece asking me to do more radio shows.

It makes me happy that a number of people have done that, over time.

As usual, I will use this to connect up with a lot of other things. When the Reagan Democrats brought a stunning victory for the Permanent Minority called Republicans, those who had fought this coalition would have been exposed as idiots, so an endless amount of ink was spent claiming that they had had this idea all the time.

They crawled out of being blamed, but the damage was done by many years of liberal dominance.

People tell me that they were fools when they went along with things like a Nation of Immigrants and anti-whitism, but they See the Light now.

They joined those who did incalculable damage and Jesus would forgive them.

Please note that I am Bob, not Jesus. People are so used to being welcomed when they See The Light that they expect simply saying they were wrong will do it.

A Life Lesson: Politics and power, like money and everything else in real life, is matter of timing. You know from experience that time is absolutely unforgiving. In all the words of men, the saddest are these, it might have been.

I am older and now I have BUGS. I tried hundreds of things, and I expected almost all of them to fail. I tried books, I tried radio speeches.

That was then, this is now. I am worn out and I can only do BUGS with a lot of help.

We are all responsible for NOW. When I did the radio shows and the book and the other things, they did not succeed. Everyone was busy with Real Life and the Real Movement.

So let us look at the situation NOW.

This is a very ungrateful way to deal with people who are telling me how good something was, but we must use this to face the lesson: when the programs came out, people talked about Iraq.

So I quit and went on to other things.

We all know how much damage we are going to take while the European parties try to get around race and point only at Islam and Culture.

That is NOT excusable. But it is not BOB that is saying that. What says that is inexcusable is Time.

If you liked my radio shows, there is an invaluable lesson here, and it is not about Bob. If a few people learn it, it will be more important than all my radio shows. That lesson is that, while I know how long it takes for an idea to get around and I have long since ACCEPTED how long it takes, those who take so long are not excused by reality.

Like conservatism, the movement will say they were on this Mantra stuff all along. And they will hold meetings, and the same people will applaud them just as they do those losing conservatives today.

The people who go to the top when the white genocide idea is used correctly will be the same people who resist it now. The people who make their livings off the Republican Party and conservatism are the same losers they always were.

So people will find that they are led by losers. Any hard idea will be resisted by the same people in ITS time, in National Review, in the Republican Party, in the national leadership, in the European leadership, everywhere.

That is the most important lesson one can learn, it seems to me.

You are where the action is, in BUGS. When it wins, you will get precious little credit for it because there are two general kinds of people, those who do it and those who spend their time taking credit for it.

If you keep forgiving those who take credit for it and keep respecting them and forgetting it when they See The Light, you will pay for it dearly. You can forgive them, but you can’t repair the damage as Jesus promises he can.

So my advice is, 1) get off your ass and do it NOW, and 2) don’t reward those who are doing all that damage now.

When the time comes, judge them and reject them.