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None Dare Call Him Dumb

There was a discussion of another book talking about Jefferson’s relationship with his female slave. Ben Stein’s father was a law professor at the University of Virginia, so he dared to defend Marse Tom. He pointed out that the DNA showed he OR one of his male kin fathered the kids.

Of the four discussants one remained silent for the whole half hour. He was the black one. At the end he stated that he hadn’t read the book, and he had only come on the program for one reason, to point out that the female slave was under age and Jefferson was also a child molester.

Nobody showed any surprise. I doubt anybody expected him to read the book.

Back when Jessie Jackson became a candidate for the Democratic nomination and the first debate was coming on, the other candidates OPENLY expressed their concern that if they came on strong they might make a complete fool of him.

But on the other hand, they couldn’t afford to be too patronizing.

This is the attitude of whites towards blacks, and it varies surprisingly little. What makes the difference is not our real belief about the races, but our attitude toward the present perversion of morality whereby, if we’re good, everything whites have is somebody else’s.

That is supposed to represent Self-Sacrifice.

America elected a Negro president. That is, it elected a black guy who talked good and wore a suit, like Sidney Poitiers or Jackie Robinson.

There is a lot of discussion about how he has fallen short. The real explanation is that he isn’t too bright.

Ever since the World War I Betas, we have known that blacks do far better on verbal skills and worse on math or other abstracts. A critical difference in learning is that blacks learn more by ear than by eye.

In short, black guys can talk very well, dance very well, run very well, but they fall short in the department our president is now falling short in. They do a good show, but they are not bright.

The liberal formulae for reviving the economy, the New Deal way, have run out. Normally a president would do what one Democrat after another has done since WWII, he would change his policies.

We run into a problem here that no one dares recognize: Obama CAN’T change his thinking. He has not been doing any.

There is a giant difference between someone who is repeating a line because he believes it and one who repeats a line because he can’t conceive of any other. Clinton could THINK. Carter could THINK.

This is the problem with black elected officials. They don’t have CONCEPTS. They have SCRIPTS. This is racial, no matter how many baths the individual black takes or how well he dresses.

I see exactly what is happening. I suspect a lot of people do now. It has cost us trillions and it will cost us more trillions, but no price is too great to avoid saying what is obviously the case.