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No Reservations

In 1900 Americans Indians were known as the Vanishing Americans. As a result they were given reservations.

For whites there can be no reservations.

In fact one of the of the SPLC’s great victories, for which it raised many millions, was to destroy the white reservation in Idaho. They are still raising money to get more blacks into northern Idaho.

Compared to anti-whites, Hitler was a piker. He offered to send Jews to America for ransom. There is no where on earth which will even allow anyone to TALK about white survival for ransom or otherwise.

Once again, no one talks about the real problem here:

If any area is allowed to be all-white, it is assumed that ALL whites will end up there. Anti-whites have a word for it: It’s called White Flight.

It is exactly the same problem that showed Communism was ridiculous: If they allowed people to leave, the people WOULD leave.

But no one ever MENTIONED that but me.

The entire anti-white movement relies on the assumption that if whites are allowed to have ANY area of its own, there will be flow into those areas which will drain all other areas of whites.

Talking about white flight is quite an admission.

The Berlin Wall was quite an admission.

Fortunately, absolutely no one on the other side is ever going to mention it.