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Horus’s Open Systems Thinking

At the convention, after we handed out the Mantra, Horus began by pointing out that “The Mantra is Open Systems thinking.”

This open systems concept of Horus is a delight to me, because I am still figuring it out.

Horus’s open system asks you to think. A closed system demands that you memorize the Correct Answers.

The closed system is Jews and Gentiles, liberals and conservatives and, above all, the idea that the basics will never change.

At the convention, the more conservative approach was taken by those who represented established internet entities like Stormfront and David Duke’s tens of millions of hits. That was the conservative side, versus our radical side in our modern parameter.horus-circle-logo610320G1-2_zpsc0ed7734

But this is what it useful for you to have, that rarest of animals, an old man who REMEMBERS the fundamental changes. As Horus pointed out, thirty years ago the idea that the CONSERVATIVE side of this discussion would be quoting practical experience with the Internet could not have been imagined.


It hasn’t been all that long since there were, now and forever, three television networks and the only “independent thought” was the publicly funded PBS.

That is as dead as network TV.

Open thinking has no trouble with this. Closed thinking cannot deal with changes like that.

Look at all the people who are screaming bloody murder because “the internet is racist.” What they mean is that the internet allows dissent on a scale that was not dreamed of in the days of network TV.

In fact, they moan the exact same words that every totalitarian has whined when the regime falls: “Anybody can just say ANYTHING”

We used to see the network anchors get together and moan about how people who were not Professional Newsmen were able to get attention. In fact, the best way to prove that a system is run by thugs is to listen to them when it falls.

Their motto is always, “Now just anybody can say just anything.” It was understood that this didn’t mean just anybody could say just anything, as Mommy Professor moans today. Mommy Professor and Stalin will allow anyone the freedom to say anything he OUGHT to be allowed to say.

So did Adolf.

They just had a closed system of freedom of speech.

So Horus’s open systems concept is alien to today’s America but would have been perfectly understood those who left America’s future to future Americans.