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How You Go Wrong With Mini-Mantras


We have gotten an incredible amount of public attention, given that our working membership is well under a hundred.

But there is a way for anti-whites to limit the damage.

They can’t deal with the Mantra.   But they can deal with the Mantra one bite at a time.

If you look at the “answers” to the Mantra you will see that they recite it line by line and claim to answer each line.

They are already dealing with White Genocide.   The term is out there, and it is deadly. photo romanarmy_zps52205552.jpg

But if they can keep it away from the context, they can deal with it partially.  As the Indiana student paper said, it is just a matter of some population groups having more children, not a purposeful plan.

A mini-Mantra is a blow to the enemy.  But no matter how great it makes your intellect seem, none of your answers has the effect of the full Mantra.

I keep begging you to hit the predictable answer with Mantra discipline.   When they shout the anti-white stuff, the answer is that they are justifying genocide.

That is but one example.

When they reply with anything else, they will use the word “white. ”   You can use that to point out, BRIEFLY, that their side claims our race does not exist.

The Roman Army we model ourselves on did not just throw their spear and march in order and then, when the enemy began to retreat, let each Roman soldier go his own way and then allow the Legion break up into a mob.

When you use white genocide you then use their reply against them.   Please don’t come back here and beat your chest about a smart reply you made up.   That is sickening.

Keep your formation.  Only reply to make another Mantra point.

Let the amateurs ramble on.