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An Open Letter From Bob Whitaker to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

There is a beautiful young lady whose entire career is being destroyed by the man who was elected to protect the rights of West Virginians.  Pic for BUGS WV woman fired

This young lady, Carrie Bowe, as we know was in the white genocide video. I think what she said was anyone else can date who they want to, blacks can say they only want to date blacks, Asians can say they only want to date Asians and so forth. But because of this video, her career has been destroyed by the Attorney General of the state of West Virginia, Mr. Patrick Morrisey.WV_Attorney_General_01-858x1024

This is a weapon that any half way decent politician could use to DESTROY the opposition.

It will not be used. You wont touch it. In fact, on instruction from your respectable conservative adviser, if you’re pressed on this issue you will apologize and support the people who are burning this young lady at the stake.

Mr. Trump, if you were to put this injustice front and center, you could win the Presidency of the United States.

The only thing between you and the Presidency is another piece of pure respectable stupidity.

Bob Whitaker