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John White

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  • in reply to: WhiteGenocide #100348
    John White


    I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to call your attention about a Social Justice Warrior (i.e. anti-white thug) Sam Biddle.

    He led a shaming campaign against a white girl for making an unwise joke that was considered crimethink by the anti-white Inquisition. He and and many more of the Political Correctness zealots (i.e. anti-white thugs) performed one of the most disgusting, sadistic bullying campaigns, both on the Internet AND the real world, one could imagine.

    You can read the story here:

    Anti-white Sam Biddle profile at ValleyWag:

    And the anti-white thug Sam Biddle’s twitter:

    If you feel like swarming this anti-white thug, you are most welcome to do so.

    John White

    @JP Yes, it would still be White Genocide because by definition it’s the deliberate elimination of a distinct human group in whole or in part.

    If that “limited” raceblending you mentioned is deliberate and forced, it is indeed Genocide anyway.

    in reply to: Paltalk Event Saturday July 26th #95208
    John White

    Well, that was an awesome experience yesterday night.

    It was so uplifting for me to be live with fellow BUGSers. I hope you guys arrange more events like that.

    Thank you all!

    John White

    I’ve done some thinking about this.

    First off, when I said that shaved heads and swastikas are counterproductive, I wasn’t criticizing Jimmy Marr—I was criticizing the NSM’s approach.

    One of the many things I love about BUGS is that we seemed to have destroyed the old debate on e-activism vs “real world” activism. In my opinion, we should keep it that way.

    Yes, Cobb and his crew have “balls.” But BUGS is NOT about having balls. It’s about spreading our message in every way possible.

    This was a success for Jimmy and our team, DESPITE the NSM stubbornly insisting on portraying themselves exactly like the anti-whites WANT us all to be: “Naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.”

    John White

    I’ll try not to get into a Worldviews Discussion because in the BUGS working threads we should always focus on Mantra Thinking, but I do think that shaved heads and swastikas do more harm than good.

    If we do put an end to White Genocide eventually, it will not be thanks to them but in spite of them.

    Anyway, our message has made the news yet again, which is definitely a good thing.

    in reply to: Mantra images & fliers #51442
    John White

    John White

    Thank you very much, guys.

    Actually, the music is by Johnny White Rabbit (I’m a different person).

    I still have to upload a pop-up or something to give him credit in the video.

    Thanks again. BUGS rules! We have a wonderful team.

    John White

    I got this one very recently:

    “And that proves that “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-white.”
    It seems every closet white supremacist dimwit is using this line on the internet at the moment.
    Considering how pro-whites exterminated millions of people across Europe 70 years ago, hearing pigs like you talk about “genocide” is hypocritical bullshit. Whining racists. No country is home to any race, the world has moved on from that garbage.

    John White

    Blaire Allison can’t be trusted.

    Watch other video of her, showing where her true loyalties are:

    And here you have a few comments in her own words:

    “I’m convinced that you anti semites/Nazis/all around assholes just comment rather than actually watch the video. Although you will find Jews in the media industry, to say they control it, is just ignorant. Do blacks control the NBA because you see many playing basketball? No. Jews are a minority and there are many other races/ethnicities working in media. Film is the only place you find more Jews in executive positions. As for the TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers – all no.
    And yes, I am familiar with Frankfurt School – and it’s time for you and your little cronies to step into the 21st century. Many of you hate blacks because you think they are stuck on slavery and old thinking — yet you all are stuck on thinking of the past too. When it all comes down to it, it’s hate. Time for you all to evolve –”

    Now THAT is a true Pink Rabbit speaking!

    My guess is that these people are feeling the heat and are trying to trick us into thinking they are our “allies.”

    We don’t need them, but they do need us!

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #41123
    John White

    “how is promoting racial segregation NOT racist?”

    First of all, the anti-Whies always lie. They are not against racism. They are only against White people having a place to live.

    They say they oppose “racial segregation” but they spend all the time demonizing White people of the past that went to live in other races’ land.

    Were the Amerindians “racist” when they fought the European conquerors? The anti-Whites always say that the Americas “belong” to the so-called “native” Americans (that is, the Amerindians who migrated there from Asia, but anyway) and that Whites should “go back to Europe”. According to anti-Whites, that’s not racist at all…

    So, again, anti-Whites do NOT oppose racial segregation. They ONLY oppose a world with White children in it.

    in reply to: New Mantra Video #34158
    John White

    Oh my! That video is deeply moving!

    And the girls are just wonderful.

    Beautiful girls spreading the Mantra… Gosh, I’m in love.

    Off-topic: I’m not American and one of the girls has an accent I haven’t heard before. It sounds strange to me because to my ears it sounds like a mixture of a certain English accent with the American Southern accent. It’s more noticeable when she pronounces the word “race” – it sounds somewhat like “rise”.

    Does anybody know where that accent is from?

    in reply to: Post here if you are actually posting the mantra #29133
    John White

    I focus on destroying anti-whites verbally via mini-Mantras and Mantra thinking in the Opposing Views section of Stormfront.

    And I’m loving it. They can do nothing against it. All they can do is deny or insult. Usually they simply vanish.

    in reply to: Beefcake’s Bootcamp #23155
    John White


    Your podcast is absolutely awesome!

    In my opinion, it is a must listen for any Bugser.

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #23154
    John White

    I agree with the idea that we should stick to what is useful.

    In that respect, the Mantra seems to become useless when we mix it with the topics that the unawaken white person has been brainwashed to dismiss. What topics are those? Well, everything not included in the Mantra.

    I think we had better keep in mind that the Mantra is designed as a propaganda tool with the specific goal of awakening the average white person to the ugly truth of the ongoing program of genocide against our people.

    All the other things we do, everything else non-Mantra, is education. The problem is, the average white person has been programed to dismiss every single piece of education if it is pro-white, no matter how true that information might be.

    Education is good for those of us who are already racially awaken.

    Therefore, in my opinion we should separate propaganda and education. When addressing the unawaken white people, we should use the Mantra to awaken them. Only after that will they accept pro-white education.

    To sum up:

    1) Separate propaganda and education
    2) Use propaganda first
    3) THEN use education

    Which translates into this:

    1) Use the Mantra and only the Mantra
    2) THEN use everything else

    Just my opinion.

    in reply to: Are you new to BUGS Swarm? #22593
    John White

    Thanks for the clarification, guys!
    I’ve already began to apply that very approach.

    in reply to: Are you new to BUGS Swarm? #22211
    John White

    I’m still a beginner with Mantra-spreading so after the first rush of enthusiasm, some questions have appeared in my mind.

    Firstly, I’d like to ask your opinion about this: should I copy-and-paste the talking points and mini mantras or should I try and make those points with my own words?

    My first guess is that, since those points are actually consistent, there is no problem in copy-pasting, but I’m afraid of looking like a parrot who just repeats things.

    What are your thoughts?

    in reply to: Mantra Translations – Delegation #22210
    John White


    That’s great. Did you post it anywhere? If so, where?

    Thanks for asking!
    I’ve posted it in my blog, and I also made a video with it and posted it on Youtube.

    in reply to: Mantra Translations – Delegation #22040
    John White


    Since I’m a pro-White, Catalan Nationalist, I’ve personally made a translation of the Mantra into Catalan language. This language is spoken by 9 million people in the Mediterranean Region.

    Here you go:

    Tothom diu que hi ha un problema RACIAL. Tothom diu que aquest problema RACIAL es resoldrà quan el Tercer Món inundi TOTS els països blancs i NOMÉS els països blancs.

    Els Països Baixos i Bèlgica estan tan poblats com el Japó o Taiwan, però ningú no diu que el Japó o Taiwan resoldran el problema RACIAL a força d’importar milions de tercermundistes i “assimilant-s’hi”.

    Tothom diu que la solució final per al problema RACIAL és que els nadius de TOTS els països blancs i NOMÉS dels països blancs “assimilin”, o sigui, es barregin amb tots aquests no-blancs.

    Què passaria si jo deia que hi ha un problema RACIAL i que aquest problema RACIAL es resoldria només si centenars de milions de no-negres anessin a TOTS els països negres i NOMÉS als països negres?

    Quant trigaria qualsevol persona a adonar-se que no estaria parlant d’un problema RACIAL, sinó que estaria parlant de la solució final per al problema NEGRE?

    I quant trigaria qualsevol negre assenyat a adonar-se’n? I quina mena de negre psicòtic no s’hi oposaria?

    Però si explico aquesta veritat tan òbvia sobre el programa de genocidi dut a terme contra la meva raça, la raça blanca, tant els progressistes com els conservadors respectables estaran d’acord que sóc un naziquevolmatarsismilionsdejueus.

    Ells diuen que són antiracistes. El que són és antiblancs.

    “Antiracista” en realitat vol dir “antiblanc”.

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