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In New Radio Programs below, I talked about my last program, which described information as a product.

I would appreciate it if you would listen to my programs.

I explained that information, like shirts and shaving lotion, is a market product.

kanefromsf wrote a comment on this:

“Money does screw up a lot of things. Economic determinism is something that I ignored at first but now I realize that it is more real than I thought. People will say things that get them paid. At least most people will, maybe a principled man will say the truth but most people will say things that get them paid. It’s known as playing to your base, and people have an agenda and a base to play to, and would rather play to that base than tell the truth if the truth conflicts with their base. I may be patting myself on the back but one thing I pride myself on is that I don’t sort of “look the other way” when I hear bs just because someone within my circle of friends say it. I don’t hedge on issues.”

“On similar lines, I absouletely think that there are economic reasons for the destruction of our race and it is this, and not a Jewish conspiracy or Jewish power, which is the main factor in its destruction. I reached that conclusion a few weeks ago, and once you reach it, no matter how much people bs you, it just runs right off your head because you know the truth. ”

Comment by kanefromsf


There is a big difference between what I said and “economic determinism.” It is a simple distinction, but not an easy one.

I am saying that information is a produced by the market. Karl Marx was an economic determinist. Karl Marx said that economics was everything, so the rich would get richer and workers would end up at subsistence because the only thing in the world that mattered was money.

But if only money mattered, Prohibition would never have ended. More than once I have read learned books from the 1920s that explained how a major industry, run by untaxed thugs and backed by force, had grown up in the selling of liquor because of Prohibition.

So Prohibition could not end.

It would take two-thirds of both Houses and ratification by three-quarters of the states to repeal the eighteenth amendment, so there was no way organized crime that controlled major cities would let that happen.

Looking back on it now, as an economic determinist, there is no way Prohibition could have ended.

In terms of economic determinism, Prohibition could not have ended.

There is a giant difference between economic reality and economic determinism.

The difference is this:

Economic reality says that in the information industries, education, university research, network television, the press, you can explain what information you get by looking at what information would naturally be financed.

All this means is that you assume that anything that is too convenient is not true.

As I explained in my book, “If Political Correctness requires that frogs have hooves, a thousand professors will line up tomorrow and swear that frogs have hooves.”

The lesson is that if what professors say is convenient, you don’t believe them.

That is NOT economic determinism. That is sanity.

Economic determinism is a form of Wordism. It is a religion. It says that anything that is economically determined is what is forever. Religion, wheter it is Politcal Correctness or Jehovahism, says, “As it was in the beginning it now and ever shall be.”

Realism, economic or otherwise, just says that this is rather obviously why things are the way they are.

But if you are not a Wordist, you can see that the way things have been is NEVER the way things WILL be.

The information produced right now does not take brain surgery to understand.

I am the opposite of an economic or any other kind of determinist. If what is going on right now is easy to explain, then it loses the Eternal Sanctity that everything from International Conspiracies to academic theories gives it.

What the information market produces is simply what it produces right now. One who thinks that is Economic Determinism assumes that I am giving it Eternal Life.

What I am doing is precisely the opposite.

I just explained what is. I am sitting in the 1920s explaining why Prohibition is there. I am sitting inthe 1970s explaining why Communism is there.

If it is easy to explain, my conclusion is that it is temporary. If it is easy to explain the determinist says it is there forever.

There person who says that whoever is in power now is in powr forever will get the financing. People with money and power now LIKE the idea that they will have money and power forever.

Which is why Futurologists are not only wrong, but silly. Read the Futurology as presented at the 1939 World’s Fair.

All those Futurologists were honored.

They all got paid.

Nobody ever lost a dime for being wrong about the future.

Many a person was ruined for telling the truth about the future. Ask the Ghost of Billy Mitchell.

Determinism is popular. It says whatever can be explained practically is the future.

I say that whatever can be explained practically, IN “RIGHT NOW” TERMS, is doomed.

Whatever IS will not be the future.

Twenty five years ago, in “The Partisan Dictionary,” I defined the word “Modern:”

Modern — noun — Becoming dated.

That is the only inevitably I know of.