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Return of the Killer PD

Aristocaqrcy — naciocracy

Professional — A title which entitles one to get paid without producing anything

Consultant — See “Professional”

American — Somebody who is part of a nation of immigrant, i.e., everybody and therefore

Constitution — The Supreme Court of the United States

Modern — Becoming dated

Knowledge — See “Law”

Wisdom — Drivel which is taken seriously


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More From the Old Partisan Dictionary (PD)

Equality: Bad arithmetic.

Moderation: the idea that truth is the average between two absurdities.

Hate: Righteous Indignation on the other side.

Law — Opinion with teeth

Brotherhood — See “Cain”

Fascism — “One man, one vote” where the man is specified


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Shari says,

Do you think that testable IQ has been skewed by the feminization of education? I remember being one of those “smart” little girls who learned to read quickly, was good at memorizing,etc. But after I grew up, I found out that I actually wasn’t very good at figuring things out. I’m impressed with Peter’s psychology professer doing what she did.

Comment by Shari


I warned you that what you will get for your comments is not necessarily a reply to what you said.

You will get what you made me think of.

I also said that that is what I want from you.

What Shari made me think of was request from my sister, the one who actually reads this blog from time to time.

She wanted me to record here the regular piece I wrote for The Southern Patrisan for so long, “The Partisan Dictionary.” It was an Ambrose Bierce type of definition, which uses definitions to make a point.

Bierce, from Texas, called ie “The Devil’s Dictionary.”

For example, he defined the word “mulatto:”

“Mulatto — n — A child of two races, ashamed of both.”

So when Shari used the word “feminization, it reminded me of a definition I used in the Partisan Dictionary:

“Feminism — n — a movement dedicated to the diea that being feminine is a sign of inferiority.”

Shari makes it clear that she is a female. She makes it very clear that a more male approach is necessary in leading a white society to the stars.

But aren’t all women just like men?

That is what feminism is all about: women can do everything men can.

I have read astonisahed articles written by the few feminists who actuallly had children. They tell us, breathlessly, that by the age of eighteen months the girl child is DIFFERENT from the boy child.

They discover that, after a few hundred million years of evolution, the girls’ function and the boys’ function is actually DIFFERENT.

Girls are not people who, given the proper upbringing, would be boys.

Once again I am in the peculiar position of explaining to you something you will not believe about the ruling attitude I remember just a short time ago. Like all those outdated attitudes, it is required on campuses today.

But on planet earth, the idea that boys and girls are the same is laughed.

You brats simply cannot believe that this idea was required belief for most of my lifetime.

Women PICK the leaders. In every part of nature, it is the females who decide whom they will mate with. Male peacocks do all the strutting. Female peacocks are the POINT of all the strutting.

Feminism says that what is important is the strutting. Femals don’t get the big colored fantails male peacocks get.

This causes the female peacocks irreversible ego damage.

You think I am joking, of course. You didn;t live through decades of this orthodoxy.

So Shari uses the term “feminization” as derogatory.

How one earth could a WOMAN use “feminization” in a derogatory sense?

She uses it because that particular feminization is in the wrong PLACE.

There are places where being feminine is absolutely essential.

That’s not rocket science.

There are places where being maculine is absolutely essential or evolution would have produced no males at all.

In fact, since females do all the judging and raise all the offspring, it is a bit of a relief for us males to realize that we DO have a place.

None of which answers the point Shari made.

But I think she will find it a relief that somebody else understands where she is coming from.

Living in a world where nobody seems to understand the basics is no easier on Shari thanit is on me.

Her basic point is right.

I wish I had been able to address it at length, Shari. But because we live in a world where the difference between men and women is a mystery, it is hard to get down to other essentials.


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Simple truth is an Underground Movement

Peter points out:

Do you really think that even the “testable IQs” that are marketed today are valid measures by race?

Do you really think that a psychologist who discovered that Orientals or Jews had much lower IQs than whites would be given much press?

In college, I had a Psych professor who did tell the truth — quietly. She found real, valid test results and displayed them on an overhead in class. She put the results up as just one display in a series of overheads. It was part of a group of overheads that she said we didn’t need to take notes on if we didn’t want to, that they wouldn’t be on the test, and that they were just for our own information. She had done this previously with more innocuous overheads, so we were familiar with the routine. She left up the overhead of the test results showing lower IQs for Orientals and Jews only briefly. But she did scan the class to see who had noticed. I did.

I stayed after class and told her thanks for the overheads, smiled and left. She got great evals from the class. I got a good grade.

Comment by Peter


That lady is part of our underground army, each member of whom works alone.

You were a blessing to her.

In any totalitarian environment, there are those of us who keep telling the truth, defying the Truth.

I cannot give you enough credit for understanding. I cannot give you enough credit for what you did for that lonely shieldmaiden whom I wod love to thank.

I get SO tried of people praising somebody who makes a publc statement which is something like the truth.

The heroes and the herioines are the underground warriors like her.

Like you.

Like me.

We fight for what is true simply because we cannot stand untruth.

That is heroism.

When you understand that, everybody else seems superficial and silly to you.


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Joe Rorke

Joe Rorke, whom I discussed in the last article, has not only come back despite my twisting his words, but, as a fellow old-timer, he just gave me an invaluable compliment:

“Bob, I swear I think you are getting better by the minute. Here I thought you were devolving and it turns out you are evolving. Not bad for an old timer. ”

Comment by joe rorke

Modesty woud be the decent response, but it’s not in me.

The killing thing about age is that it leaves you spending decades repeating yourself, chasing your tail, like Chinese civilization. Joe knows that.

And he tells me I am not doing that.

You young folks may not understand what that means to me.

But the rest of you young ‘uns are all a bunch of brats, so who cares?

Joe says I’m a pain in the ass, but I’m worth the pain.

And I was joking about the rest of you being brats.

They’ll believe that won’t they, Joe?