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The Tenth Circle

Those few who read Dante’s Inferno are fascinated by the fact that the worst part of Hell is not hot, but cold.

There are circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. The last, the worst, is cold beyond imagination.

Every other circle of Hell has a particular sin attached to it.

The worst, the Tenth Circle, where people are frozen in the ice forever, is for the sin of Treason.

In Dante’s day treason was not a NATIONAL sin. A Venetian who betrayed Venice for another city would be a traitor. In Dante’s day there were no NATIONS recognized in the way we know them today.

But what Dante, like any other Western European, saw as the ultimate sin had nothing to do with the Ten Commandments.

The ultimate sin was treason.

Many a great story in Northern Europe told of troops dying to man to defend the body of their leader.

We are the people of the Alamo and of Thermopylae.

In fact, the ony way the Persians were able to destroy the Spartans at Thermopylae was to find themselves a respectable conservative Greek who would show them the path around the stronghold of the Spartans, a path only a Greek would know.

For an Indo-European treason is the evil beyond evil.

One professor said that the “so-called traitors” who were spies for Stalin were not traitors. They were “patriots of a different kind.”

The Greatest Generation said they were true patriots, but they were OBJECTIVE patriots.

Every traitor in all of history has claimed that he was merely being objective.

So every Greatest Generation leftist I met claimed he was True Macho, A Hero who happned to agree with anti-whites and anti-American. They were everything a traitor should be, but they calimed it was patriotic.

It got worese.

There were those who knew that the offical stance of the Greatest Generation was pure treason.


The outspoken part of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation may to have realized how evil they were. But the Silent Majority of the Greatest Generation knew exactly why those who said their buddies had died to rid the world of the white race were crappping on the bodiesofhtemen who died beside them.

But they didn’t say a word.

I am bewildered by comments on the decades of molestation of young boys by Catholic priests. They keep talking about those priests.

But every Catholic bishop was perfectly aware that tens of thousand of young boys were being loested by priests. Not one single Catholic bishop who was not a moron was unaware that bishops were moving those molestor priests around. The average bishop was responsible for more child rapes than any twenty perverts in the clergy.

So I am appalled when someone condemns those pervert priests.

They completely ignore the entire episcopate that let it happen.

I am completely bewildered by those who say that Uncle Bill (MY Uncle Bill, for instance) was in World War II but he never SAID the unspeakble things The Greatest Generation says it fought for.

Like the Catholic Bishops. MY Uncle Bill knew what the The Greatest Generation sanctioned was wrong, but he never said a word IN PUBLIC against it.

They are damned.

The bishops and your conservative Uncle Bill are damned to the Tenth Circle.

Or there is no damnation.



I Do not Dishonor the Greatest Generation

Look at what I just wrote Derek.

Derek is getting what the Greatest Generation gave young white gentiles.

It upsets me when people asy i do not give the Greatest Generation the honor they are due.

Let’s get this straight.

They had no honor. Walter Cronkite and his predecessor Edward R. Murrow were spokesmen for them. You can’t dishonor someone who grovels to evil and is self-righteous about it.

I don’t just dishonor them. They had no honor.

I despise them. I would call them dung if it did not disparage the dung. Dung stinks, but dung betrays nobody.

Let me talk about the Tenth Circle.




Derek says,

It took me a while to ingest the first response to my initial comment. The second and third articles helped.

When I read the first one I thought “man…why worry?”. Now I know why I should.

I see your point about the tides. But you have to realize that while the anticipation for a wave is great, the wave is better. I guess I just feel left out.

Comment by Derek


“Left out?”

That has to be the understatement of the decade!

When I kept being right, when I kept explaining the future at the advanced age of 16, I was ridiculed.

What is horrily funny is what everybody agreed was the real future, the true Idealism.

I remember Abie Hoffman was “the spokesman of the new generation.”

Walter Cronkite, the SuperGoy, practically adopted him

You should be recognized for what you are. You should be encouraged, but the nasty young Jews and the spoiled rich kids are given all the attention.

“Left out?”

No, as you are well aware, you haven’t just been “left out.”

Your right to lead our people has been stolen. Your right to be LISTENED TO has been stolen.

It is a horrible thing to be told that you have to acept the fact that the loyalty any other generation would have honored is reduced to an attempt to make a difference.

It is unspeakable.

You and I, the natural leaders of our people, have been reduced to trying to find some way to save them.

That is a good deal beyond tragedy.


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The 60s are Back!

I am driving up to Charlotte today to do a TV interview.

In talking to the reporter, it hit me that today we do not have a repeat of the sixties, this is the sixties all over again.

Public opinion is overwhelmingly in favor of at least tightening the borders. Nobody denies that. So the marches in the news, gigantic, titanic mearches, are in favor of opening the borers.

That is EXACTLY the way it was inthe 1960s.

Everybody is terrified that if they object to open borders, they will be accused of being naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

That is exactly the way it was in the sixties.

Nobody DARES stage a counterdemonstration because the mefdia are always shouting about racism, but the real thugs, as everybody knows, are on the “anti-racist” side.

The sixties again.

The campus bombers were all on the left back then. Any objector to anything labeled “civil rights” was in physical danger. Speakers who did not toe the politically correct line were driven off of campuses and off of the streets. But all the media talked about was the Klan and the Nazis and the Holocaust and dangers of racism.

Which is the 1960s again.

The thugs and the illegals get a free pass from the press. They are heroes.

Even Columbia’s slavishly liberal chain-owned newspaper had a weak dissent. A cartoon showed a typical committee chairman in Washington saying, “We can’t round up millions of illegal aliens. We can’t even FIND the.”

Meanwhile one member of the committee was looking out of the window at thousands of illegal aliens marching with signs.

So we can either worry about dead dictators or live issues.