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This Seminar is Starting to Cook!

Posted by Bob on April 30th, 2006 under Comment Responses

Let me repeat: In order to get what you need out of this Blog, you have to READ THE COMMENTS.

Crosstalk is now developing, but it is the kind of crosstalk intelligent people with common sense know how to engage in.

That sounds easy, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

It’s simple but it is NOT easy.

Our experienced commenters disagree with me and with each other. But they express what they have to say clearly.

I have not gone against those who disagree with me most of the time because what they give me is a POINT.

It would be pitiful if a man got to be my age and didn’t know that he COULD be just plain WRONG.

Thee is only one kind of disagreement I hate, and that is the standard crap some anti learned from Mommy Professor.

For some odd reason the people who stick with this Blog never talk like Mommy Professor.

My commenters give me the freedom I have begged for. If I miss something, they fill it in. If there is a point to go ahead from, they go ahead with it.

I make brave, flat statements. The reason they are brave is because I risk making a fool of myself.

If I do, my commenters point it out.

If we keep this up we are going to develop a well-rounded seminar.

We will be unique. In grad school a real seminar is a thing of the past. We may be reawakening the dead here.

But the bottom line is that you cannot get the lessons of Bob’s Seminar unless you read the COMMENTS.

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