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DO Learn, DON’T Regret

“I should have said …” can be very, very productive if it aimed at doing a similar job better in the future. It is the essence of BUGS’ experience.

A LESSON is one thing. REGRET is the absolute opposite.

Like all real BUGS lessons, this one, once stated, is simple, obvious, and almost impossible to discipline oneself to use in practice.

Regrets are very much like Wordism. There are a billion Only True Faiths and there are a billion Might Have Beens.

In our arguments, I know very well how it feels to have missed a line which might have made a big difference. You think, “Yes, not regretting it is a good theory, but who can just shove it aside and concentrate on the lesson and not the regret.” photo discipline.png

I want to remind you, AGAIN, that the BASIS of BUGS is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline MEANS that you train yourself to do things automatically which, to say the least, do not come naturally.

I spent my best years wasting most of my mental energy on regret.

Regret is insane.

Here on Planet Earth you can no more change what you did thirty seconds ago than you can change the fate of the Ottoman Empire.

For your brain, learning to recognize and dismiss Regret is not only a tall order, it is higher than the Tower of Babel would have been.

On the other hand, your whole approach to debate has changed so completely becoming a BUGSER that you wouldn’t have imagined it a few years ago.

I was a drug recovery sponsor and, as SPLC pointed out, a drug abuser myself.

If you think “Learn, Don’t Regret” sounds trite to YOU, try to imagine how hard it was drumming this discipline into people who did what alkies and junkies had done!

Cripple half a family but stay clean and sober and learn to drive carefully.

It sounds inane but it is the ONLY key to sanity. The discipline you will need is huge, but it is quite doable. Take that from one who has dealt with so much worse.

Regret, from the word Go, is insane. Learning the lesson is what life is all about.


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Meeting Hate Laws Face to Face

I landed in Vancouver, Canada recently from the US and had a gut feeling I was going to have difficulties entering due to issues I had on my Australian passport back in 2012. Back then I was deemed with illegal overstay and given 2 weeks to pack up my life and leave the country, even though I had a new visa issued for another two years which just hadn’t been activated because the documentation I received said I had a year to activate it. This oversight was due to immigration sending me external entry documents rather than the internal documents.

So when I re-entered Canada on my US passport a red flag went up and I was then escorted to immigration where I was interviewed. The first question they asked was, “Have you ever had trouble with Canadian immigration before?” So I told them my story.

I was being interviewed by two young guys, one White and the other Pakistani. Pretty much every other TSA agent there was non-White and in the end EVERYONE there knew I was being detained because of “Hate” literature I had and my refusal to be silenced about White Genocide. The non-Whites kept looking at me like they wanted to knock-me-out.

The agents proceeded to go through all my belongings, computer, phone, external hard-drive, calendars, books and notes. In my stuff was all my White Genocide information, articles, websites, information on the banner drive and Bob Whitaker.

The funniest thing was the first article they pulled out of my belongings was a article written by Adelheim. It was titled “Abolishing the White Race.” When they started to read it, they asked if I was for abolishing the White race or against it. (Here I should have laughed and asked, “Would  it be fine if I was FOR abolishing the White race but because I am against it you label it HATE?”)

Then I went on to explain White Genocide and what is happening in All and Only White countries and how anyone opposed to White Genocide will be charged with Hate Speech.

The Pakistani fellow actually knew of you, Bob, straight off the bat. I was blown away that he had heard of you and your views in University.

They asked lots of questions about what group I was a part of, how many people are in that group and who is the leader. I kept repeating, there is no group, no leader we are just White people wanting to force a conversation on a crime that is being committed in All and Only White countries.

I was also asked many questions about Bob Whitaker and my relationship with him, had I met him and how often I was in contact with him. I told them I had met him back in October and that he was imparting his political knowledge through for people to read. The Pakistani fellow then told me that Bob was a Reagan Appointee. Again I was blown away.

I spent 6 hours in immigration while they went through all my information on my devices and in the end they were saying that they needed to bring in a specialist to determine if this information was allowed in Canada due to their Hate laws.

Finally I decided to withdraw my application into Canada prior to them denying me entry as I figured this was the best option for me. Then I had to buy another plane ticket that night flying back to the US. The two Canadian TSA agents walked me through the airport to the US side (the young White and Pakistani guy).

On our trek through the airport I got to have a great conversation with them. The white guy just produced all the usual programmed talking points justifying White Genocide which were easy to refute but the Pakistani was more stubborn. He kept telling me that Canadians had voted on this and love multiculturalism. I disagreed but was stumped because I didn’t know how to respond when he was out-right telling me that I was wrong and Canadians had Voted on this. On reflection I should have said, “So because you think White people voted on this, does that JUSTIFY White Genocide?”

Then we arrived at the Department of Homeland Security to be interviewed by the Americans.

The Canadians spent 20 minutes telling them what they had learned from me and then I was called in.

The fellow I dealt with was a big old White guy. He had written some notes from the Canadians and started to ask me again about White Genocide. So I told him about it. About the anti-White system and how what is happening in ALL and ONLY White countries IS Genocide.

He paused after I finished and said, “You know, I shouldn’t say this, but I totally agree with you.” (Here I should have said, “This is exactly what we are fighting for, because we don’t have Our Basic Right to speak out against White Genocide.”)

He then asked me questions about the White Man March, where it was being held, how many people were attending and who was organizing it. I told him that there is no actual march and that it’s a play on words – White Man March on March 15th and that it’s a day being organized for White people in Every White country to get out there and break the Silence about White Genocide.

I really got the feeling that this Homeland Security agent was on my side. He could have gone crazy on me with questions, ones that I wouldn’t have been able to answer. He even went and spoke to his superior and I heard his boss telling him to ask me more questions, and when he did they were soft, like how much I earned when I was working in Canada, etc.

So that was pretty much it, I spent a considerable amount of money and 48 hours of flying and sleeping in airports to get this experience. I learned that there are going to be people on our side in unexpected and high places. That we need to start targeting Hate because this is what they already use to Silence Free Speech in other White countries and what will be our future here in the US.

On a side note, I talked with a barman in Texas and started out by asking him if he believed in Freedom of Speech and if he advocated it, he replied with a “Hell Yeah.” I then asked him about Hate speech and he said, “You can’t have it if you are to have True Freedom of Speech.” I agreed and launched into White Genocide. He gave me some great insight into Texans and it made me think that Texas could be a fertile ground for connecting with groups who are already a step ahead on anti-Whitism and the Governmental Bullying enforcing it.



Don’t Suggest, Report Back

Some recent comments included “suggestions” that “we” change some wording and another said “we” should try attacking, say, Coca Cola specifically for being anti-white.
 photo testtube.jpg
Experimental thinking is welcome. But “suggestions” are USUALLY below BUGSER level.

Leave the “someone should” to the amateurs. When I suggest emphasizing the Knockout Game, Henry Davenport tells me, again, that he DOES emphasize it though his petitions.

Pros down there in the game REPORT.

BG’s recent illustration showed a batter and a catcher in action and a section of the bleachers. He labelled those at home plate BUGS, and the sitting and watching crowd AMPW (Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites).

Suggestions can be the only way to do an experiment. But if you are in the lab, proposing instead of grabbing a test tube looks a bit goofy.



Don’t Forget the Memory Hole

I have used the Knockout Game as the centerpiece of two recent articles.

We have now forced the establishment to resort to pure name calling and bullying. The Knockout Game, where the gang encourages any member to hit a random white person and is in itself an implicit threat to the safety of anyone who objects, is the perfect example of this.

And the Knockout Game hit the media at the perfect moment, making it clear that the MSM (mainstream media) had not mentioned this phenomenon for YEARS. In a last ditch attempt to cover it, one anti-white white woman who had been attacked said, “…and it’s certainly not ethnic…”

The Knockout Game was exposed.

And there it sat.

One commenter just said he is “a convert.” The Knockout Game IS a real punch to the enemy groin.

So why in the hell have I pointed the lesson out twice and finally one BUGSER got it?

For the same reason that of the tens of millions who read the exposés and columns on the Knockout Game a couple of weeks ago will not recognize the word in a couple more weeks.

BUGSERS are not as bad as National Review or SF, God knows, but BUGSERS too are infected by the Media Memory Hole. We are guided by the nose with The Latest Thing. So embarrassing to the MSM.

So Stormfront and others have forgotten this thing that is so embarrassing to the MSM.

That’s OK for losers, but not for BUGSERS.

Watch your feet. Don’t run along and fall into THEIR Memory Hole.



Decline of the LOL! Bullies

Six or seven years ago over half of the replies to Mantra arguments included LOL!

Before BUGS anti-whites were In Control of every form of media – every form of media. Liberals and conservatives ganged up on any pro-white and threw the usual crap at him and LAAHFED at him, all in chorus and on cue.

Since bullying is the only weapon White Genocide has, they could only change its FORMAT. And LOL! Was part of the only pre-BUGS format.

Once BUGS kicked in, the anti-whites realized they weren’t in the same old Knockout Game any more. Before BUGS anyone who wanted to keep his job, appear on Mainstream Media, get on ANY faculty or just not be LAAHFFED at, yielded to the threat of the Good Old Labels (GOL):

Racist, Nazi, White Supremacist, hick, all in chorus and on cue.

The rules of the Knockout Game are the same on campus as they are on the street. The gang cheers while one guy sucker punches any pro-white heretic.

Seeing the broken nose and ruined career of the pro-white victim, the guy who threw the sucker punch in the media or on campus LAAHFS: LOL! On campus and in the media his gang LAAHFS with him.

On the streets the Knockout gang just LAUGHS.

Same Gang, just a difference of CLAAHSS, you know.

When BUGS showed up on the internet the academic-media Knockout Gang saw another gang forming on the other side.

So they ran back into their ghettoes and hid behind their GOLs like the cowards they are.

And the laughter, the LOL!s, STOPPED.