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Power, Money, Fame, and the Lesson You Can Get from Them

Power, money and fame are three different things.

My motto is “ I don’t need riches, I don’t need fame….”

“All I ask is to rule the world.”

You now understand personally that this is not a joke, but a PROFOUND truth.  photo alger.jpg

The president will change nothing important.

People who are after power USE whatever they can.

Celebrities and politicians USE power-seekers.

Power-seekers are like writers. A lot of them, like me, ARE writers.

The profound point here is that there are THREE categories: rich, famous, and powerful.

People who must spend their time getting elected have almost no time to think about power.

People seriously into making money don’t have time to get down into the circus where real ideas are generated and compete.

Now that you have expended so much time and effort exercising real power, it would be a shame if you did not take advantage of this experience to get the new look at the world you have earned.

You will not end up as one of the screaming old drunks at conventions who yell, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun!!!!!” or the professors and students who scream, “Rich people have all the power!”

But those like me who actually exercised power always loved those clowns.

In the same way that a screaming old drunk or a student demonstration is loved by the guys who are doing a break-in two miles away.