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What the Trump Vote is All About

The Trump Message can be put into simple English.

The Trump Message is four words long: “We don’t LIKE you.”

And those four words are poison to the establishment.

It is all supposed to be voluntary.

The whole system is based on the idea that whatever is happening, it’s our choice.  photo thehoook_590_396.jpg

This time people aren’t trying to lay out a particular Plot or Conspiracy. Instead of trying to explain everything in some complicated way, voters are saying the one thing that voters are SUPPOSED to say:

Whoever or whatever is running things, it STINKS.

So what is the alternative.

Well, we pay millions of people trillions of dollars to BE celebrities, politicians, and all the rest.

So the Trump vote means, “Come up with something better.”

“Something WE like.”

This hits a nerve.

Americans are supposed to have forgotten that those with all the big bucks are supposed to come up with a system WE like.

It’s a very AMERICAN approach: “We don’t like this.”

“Come up with something better.”

The audience finally just won’t take this ridiculous crap any longer.

We’re stamping and we’re hooting.

If you are a bad enough audience, the act has to change.