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The Two Hundred Dollar Billionaire

The present election law on donation limits was passed to “end the control of elections by big money.”

That crapola always makes  me laugh.

You pass the law and rich folk will send their lawyer to take care of it for them.

That’s it!

Trump is an insoluble problem because he is a billionaire. When it comes to his own personal campaign, the court has ruled that the law can put no limit on spending because of First Amendment Freedom of Speech.
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Also the thugs who usually control us cannot move against a man who can afford protection.

So the law cannot affect Donald Trump but it can cripple Bob Whitaker.

While the sponsors of the present law talked about Big Money, they started at contributions of two hundred bucks!

So we had a working man who wanted to finance a robocall but could not because anyone who gives $200 to my campaign has to be identified by his name and who he works for!

No working man can afford to have his name and his employer’s made public.

Big Money is $200!

The thugs can’t get at Trump but they can go after a working man.

I am glad that Trump can beat them, but is there a single idiot who thinks exposing $200 contributions is going to “Stop Big Money?”

That makes this campaign finance crap not only nonsense, but OBVIOUS nonsense!