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  • in reply to: The "Refugee Crisis" Talking Points #104960

    Of course the usual culprits who fostered open door migration policies are the same culprits agitating and supporting the wars creating the refugees.
    Most of these people aren’t even from Syria, they aren’t refugees.
    Mass immigration under the cover of a [manufactured] refugee crisis.

    in reply to: European Network Against Racism #33651

    The best and most experienced debater here should take this guy on.

    He has debated online before so he is experienced. The works in this area for a living.

    Recorded and done well this is good propaganda. Chances like this do not come along very often. Debating n8glen is not in this league of propaganda opportunities.

    If Bob is well enough to debate this guy he should take him on.

    in reply to: European Network Against Racism #33641

    This Michael Privot applies the dogma of

    Racism = Power + Prejudice.

    Racism is something more than simply being prejudiced against someone else merely on the basis of race, there must be power in addition.

    So the Black guy who kicks your teeth in b/c you are White is not racist he is simply prejudiced. You call him a Black bastard from the floor bleeding out, you are racist b/c power within your society is held by Whites.

    This of course is a nonsense and is simply an anti-White slight of hand to ensure only Whites are “racist.” The majority of Whites do not have power to affect other peoples’ lives but these anti-racists will still call them racist. The British children who are expelled from school and even arrested have no power but they are called racist.

    We are not interested in this anti-White word called racist.
    It was invented by Trotsky to label Ukrainian Nationalists who did not want to be part of the Soviet Union. It was an anti-White word at conception.

    We are only interested in anti-White.

    These muppets say there are no races, we all bleed red, we all come from Africa, there is only one race the human race. Well if there are no races then there is no racism, only colourism.

    But there are White people and so there are anti-Whites.

    We don’t care if the Black guy is not a racist. He is anti-White.

    The word racist is meaningless, it has so many definitions it can mean anything you like.

    This European Network against racism.

    Europe is the ancestral homeland of Whites. Whites did not evolve anywhere else and no other race evolved in Europe. How many White groups does this tin pot organisation support?
    How many Whites does it advocate for?
    What does he say about the fact White Britons will be a minority in 2066?
    What does he say to the fact every opinion poll in the UK has shown the people want less immigration?
    Who gave him moral authority to say or do anything?
    “4.2% of “third country nationals” in the whole of the EU.” Where did that lie come from?
    What about the illegals swarming everywhere?
    What about those who hold a passport but are anything but indigenous European?

    Does this muppet know that the 2011 UK census shows 7.5 million residents of England and Wales were foreign-born in 2011. That does not include Scotland or Ireland. That does not include the illegals who would not fill in the form. That does not include all the non-Whites born in the country.

    This muppet is just an anti-White. Europe has massive unemployment. There is a housing crisis in the UK with so many swarming in. We don’t need any more. We never wanted any in the first place.

    Who ever asked the people of Europe if they wanted immigrants coming in from the Third World?
    No-one ever asked.
    Isn’t it about time someone did? We know the answer that will come back.

    No immigrants.

    Bob should debate this guy if he is feeling up to it.

    in reply to: White Genocide Petition #28991

    11 more signatures needed for the 2000.

    Still not indexed by the search engines. Probably most are coming off that S Africa website.

    in reply to: Post here if you are actually posting the mantra #28979

    I have  uploaded the “Racist black woman on London bus.”

    I have listened very closely to what she says. It might be difficult to follow for non British, its not so easy for me.

    This woman is telling the truth. She is actually on our side when you realise what she is saying.  She says she hates White people. No she is proud to be Black and wants to be with her own people. She says the only reason she was born in the UK was b/c her parents were dragged over to the UK from Jamaica. She wants to be with her own people. She says Whites want to be with their own as well. All the people on the bus are puppets and doughnuts. God we know that is true, they dance to the anti-White puppet masters everyday.

    How much closer to the truth can you get?

    How much closer our message can you get?

    The authorities in Police State UK would disappear her if people were actually listening to what she is saying.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #28722

    I don’t have a video camera. This is something that MUST be done.

    Interviews on elements of the Mantra.
    Have they ever heard of the Mantra? – [bet you 99% haven’t]
    Multi Cult
    White Genocide [bet you 99% haven’t heard]

    And so on – careful in Europe the Thought Police are always operating.  Keep your interview venue constantly moving. They’ll say it’s incitement to something or other – may be not smiling at Olympic cycling events perhaps.

    Always take informed consent.


    This runs video runs for in the UK –

    The anti-White comment is at the end.

    in reply to: Translating Mantra Videos into Spanish #28597

    WW – I have sent you a message on the mail system.

    It is about another Spanish speaking person. You might be able to help each other.


    Google the great anti-White.

    Do you see this on the video

    “This video has been age restricted, based on our Community Guidelines

    There is nothing here to trigger this. Nothing. Anti-Whites have flagged it – but there is simply not logical reason for pulling it so they put this age restriction on it.


    I would encourage them.

    Remember – remember – remember. You are talking to an audience not one person. The thing that stops White people overthrowing this anti-White system is fear.

    The anti-White system could be smashed within weeks – I mean weeks, if every White person united and hammered it into the ground.

    Show support and solidarity. Show collective pride in being White. You have made contact with a fellow soul and you should celebrate this. It is a victory.

    Remember there are others watching this. You give others courage to fight back.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #28372

    The way I read this is the subtext is that non-Whites have a right to flood Europe.

    This makes my blood boil.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #28370

    Some filthy anti-Whites on that atlanticwire thread.

    Comments like this:

    “Sometimes, being called a racist occurs because you’ve just said something racist, like Europe should be for whites only.”

    This makes me physically ill. Naturally I replied.


    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #28365

    How can anyone not post when confronted with so much pure evil, so many lies and so many traitors?

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #28350

    I was not involved in this as this was really before my time.

    Why do you ask “was coniglio trustworthy?”


    in reply to: Complaints #28341

    I was contacted by seapea a little while ago.
    It was me doing all the complaining – well not all the complaining but quite a bit of it.

    I have gone on a lot about private areas on this site so that BUGS are not open to public view.

    I have said about the website not being up to date and so a security risk especially when those freaks at Anonymous were shutting websites down. I did wonder if they took SF down as it was offline for a while but I never heard anything confirming this.

    I put up the top two links on swarmsofbugs which work (Daily Mail was one).

    The site looks ok. It is basic but it has a decent way to list Mantra drop zones and people can put comments so you could discuss a particular thread or video you were dropping the Mantra on.

    There is a chat room area.

    The problem with everything we do is this is not about children’s parties or cuddly toys. There are people who want to screw us over.

    This site was set up by Bob. It needs lots of work to put it right. Bob cannot do this. Twenty years ago may be but not now, his skills and knowledge base is not in being a webmaster.

    Brian has his own problems and busy with his studies.

    Brian and Bob was trusted. If we cannot trust Bob then who can we trust?

    Security and integrity of BUGS is vital.
    My concern about any other website is that we might be operating in the lion’s den. Every IP address logged, every computer with backdoor programmes and key loggers your antivirus will never find.

    Our fears should not hold us back but we should be sure about any steps like this. We don’t see each other face-to-face. We don’t know who is being paid a few thousand dollars by Abe and his henchmen. There has been to funny stuff going on over the last few days.

    Seapea needs to talk to Horus and Bob – BUGS should know it is not about to step on a landmine.

    in reply to: Diversity Comes to Africa – The Cartoon #28045

    Yes the comments in the student room are very positive, even the “negative” comments aren’t really knocking it.

    This is clearly a major key to the lock.

    In studies on learning (I mean proper science, not pseudo science) it was discovered long ago that recall is best when the subject is under the same conditions as in which the material was learnt.

    There are clearly many more triggers allowing the subject to recall the information.

    We have all experienced certain situations bringing back memories. A smell, a song (“this is our song”), a sight and so on. This happens without any conscious effort. These sights and sounds may simply evoke emotions both pleasant and disturbing.

    The medium of TV, copied in the video, is very powerful.

    The “students” in the student room are clearly much more receptive to our message when it is conveyed via the medium of video.

    We need many more videos. I made 8 videos this week. The videos can be posted into most forums. They are easy to digest. They do not have to be too difficult to make.

    in reply to: Diversity Comes to Africa – The Cartoon #27983

    And another – Long live Multi Cult

    in reply to: Diversity Comes to Africa – The Cartoon #27982

    Here’s another – what a laugh

    in reply to: Diversity Comes to Africa – The Cartoon #27974

    I discovered we already have a new video.

    Why isn’t Ron Paul the president?

    in reply to: Diversity Comes to Africa – The Cartoon #27970

    It will take time and it is having the ideas – it is possible.

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