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Dave on Truth in Stereotyping

The favorite word of the Establishment, brought up on WW II movies, is “sacrifice”.

Thank God we’re not Chinese where “sacrifice” is regularly (and actually) in operation as the main pillar of the culture. Here in America, we just pretend.

During the Chinese war years, the local militia would round up a village to clear land mines by marching them through the mine fields. The commander would exclaim to the villagers, “Good news! Today you get to die for the Motherland. “

Later he would catch some old fellow crawling along on his belly banging the ground ahead of him with a stick. He would pull the geezer up by the scruff of the neck and exclaim, “No cheating! Get out there and die and don’t dally about it!”

This trait of the Chinese is the main reason Respectable Conservatives are so impressed with them and why they think it is awful America isn’t more “China like”.

They are ashamed that America isn’t more patriotic. Secretly, they love the idea of the draft, but know that in today’s America putting a draft into operation, no matter what the circumstances, is impossible.

The young boys all want to get paid great wages, have the latest muscle cars, get to wear Damascus gloves and cool shades, and be fabulous Kelmar Knights, supported by the latest IT enhanced weapons’ exotica.

They are real Americans and like the rest of the real America they are absolutely opposed to dying. And to the dismay of our dumb ass politicians, they (and the rest of the real America) hate “sacrifice”.

Not everything is bad about (the real) America.