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One Sentence Racial Truth

The History Channel is advertising a program with the words “All humans are 99.9% identical.” They are also 99.5% identical in other articles, equally Politically Correct.

Bill Clinton said 99.99%, and he wouldn’t lie.

This is the latest One Sentence Truth about race. Fifty years ago, I read in a COMIC BOOK that “scientists have proven that all races are equal in inherited abilities.” The illustration showed an Oriental, a white and a black breaking the tape in a FOOT RACE at the same moment. Now that we have SEEN other races in action the idea that all races run at the same speed would get you institutionalized.

But the One Sentence Truth changes from month to month:

All races have equal innate IQ.

Race is a myth.

Race is a social construct.

All races are 99.9999% identical.

All of which means the white race should disappear.

Please note that the History Channels One Sentence Truth says that ALL PEOPLE are 99.9% identical. This means geniuses, idiots, dwarfs, giants, ugly and beautiful, healthy and congenitally doomed to die as children.

If you think about it’s not a very comforting thought. But nobody ever THINKS about One Sentence Truth. You can get arrested for doing that.