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Sunday Meander

Hate — The other side’s “motivation.”

Immigration — All nations are created by immigration.   All nations are destroyed by immigration.

Temperance — The opposite of both heavy drinking and teetotaling. photo immigration_zpsbf635988.jpg

Bravery = Recklessness + Luck

Reporter – A person whose whole goal life is spent trying to get information first that the whole world would have known within a hour if he had never been born.

Idealists — The fanatics on your side.

Modern — Becoming dated

Paranoid — Something that people keep calling me behind my back

Perfection — One hundred on a second grade spelling test.

Judicial matters — That which ignorant people constantly mislabel as “constitutional issues.”

Secession — A right which saved the Soviet Republics and might have saved the American States.

Right — Something one can do despite the fact that it bothers others and is dangerous.




Bob’s Power Lever is Explanation


White Rabbit was telling me what to expect on the YouTube results of “AntiRacist Hitler.”

At one point he talked about the fact that it was a “ten-minute presentation.”   With his experience it is a given to him that there is a fundamental relationship between the exact length of the You Tube and how you measure traffic.

I had to deduce that.   When White Rabbit talks about professional work on the net or BoardAd talks about what is wrong with my computer setup, they constantly use expressions they never considered might be new to me.

Until that moment, I had no idea that the there was much of a clear and definite relationship between the length of a YouTube and its popularity. photo lever_zps66705e32.jpg

It is crucial that you not plunge into my ignorance or their assumed mistake.   It is critical that I make my point here:   Explanation is a complete field in itself.

I am able to explain things very, very well because I have spent a lifetime learning how.   Practically nobody is able to understand that.   That is my unique specialty.

A practical example: BUGS is dedicated to explaining the basic truth.   All membership organizations have to be dedicated to an entirely different goal:   They must say what potential members want to see someone say.

Remember that membership organizations live in a world of jungle survival.  If they do not say what their people want to hear they will cease to exist.

Only BUGS can do what I have done all my life: say not just what our sided wants to hear but what other people NEED to understand.



Holding Formation

Our Mantra approach is based on that of the Roman Army. This was expressed later by the maxim, “One barbarian can usually defeat one civilized soldier. Ten civilized soldiers can hold their own against ten barbarians. No number of barbarians can hold against a hundred civilized soldiers.”

We have proven this absolutely. The Mantra discipline has charged right into the middle of them and then fought as a solid mass in the very midst of thousands of enemies and left them screaming helplessly.

We have gone worldwide by using the Roman opening, when they marched up in solid formation, threw their pila, spears, at the enemy to break up what little the enemy had of formation and then went in as a solid block.

I am sure that the first Romans who proposed such a type of combat were ridiculed. The Old Soldiers would tell them how Real Men don’t hang back shoulder, but each Real Man goes in berserking on his own, the more berserk the more glorious.

I tried for many years to get pro-whites interested in this method of warfare I had developed. Now it has proved itself.

But there is more to this discipline.
 photo rout2_zps80cd684a.jpg
Untold numbers of armies have won a battle by going in in formation, and then being defeated when they broke formation when the enemy ran away. You who have read military history cannot count the number of times a great victory was won and then lost when the military broke up and went for the enemy’s baggage trains and camp followers.

I see that happening with us now. When you stun the anti-whites with our Mantra, you feel the thrill of victory. As the enemy howls all the predictable justifications of genocide, we want to make points about being bussed or affirmative action or minority crime or other things we have been bursting to complain about.

By the time these other points have been aired, we are right back into the old argument. People will not remember the argument as running headon into the real world of white genocide. All that is gained is lost.

The ONLY point of a Mantra Debate is to make Mantra points. Don’t comment here on other peoples’ points or how well somebody attacked some other matter.

Every discussion is a chance to make more Mantra points. It is very hard to learn how to act when an army realizes how completely this discipline has routed the enemy. That is where the lifetime, real, old soldiers distinguish themselves from those who have not been on the field before.

Mantra discipline is not just what you do, but what you DON’T do.



Sunday Meanderings for My Day of Rest

            My Sunday Meanderings

Definitions from the Martian Dictionary:

“Fascists call all disagreement Communist.   Communists call all disagreement Nazi.

“Oriental – noun – a member of one of the non-green races.”

“Female — A pleasantly lumpy human.”

“Dictatorship — noun — “one man, one vote,” where the man is specified.

“Hard vacuum — noun — The softest thing in the universe.

Rush Hour — A time and place where nobody rushes.

“Democracy — A society where the people think they rule. photo franklin_zpse909e686.jpg

“Franks — A people who had a lot of Gaul.

“Objectivity — The opinion of the one guy in the room who has a gun.

“Truth — See “Objectivity.”

“Defeat — A noun for losers, a verb for winners.

“Jewish — Something a little bit red is called reddish, something just a bit blue is bluish.   So calling an Orthodox Rabbi “Jewish” is really strange.

“Religion — Either Ultimate Truth or the world’s largest and oldest protection racket.

“Englishman — A German trying to be a Frenchman.

“Prophetic — Ben Franklin said that the proper symbol for America was the turkey, and he died when the Federal Government was only a year old.”



White Rabbit has produced a blockbuster, “The Antiracist Hitler.”
 photo hitler3_zpsdd074383.jpg
It is a masterpiece of propaganda, the masterpiece among our pros.

It is highly watchable, for once I simply enjoyed a piece on my level. Lord that was a pleasure after all these years trying to get the slightest hint of real political warfare into pro-whites.

I will be saying more, but for now just go to the link. You will watch it through because it is entertaining.

THE pro job!