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Posters Cause a Real Introduction to BUGS to be Provided!

If you will hit the word “Mantra” in the article, you will see not only the Mantra, but also YOUR BUGSER input on our Mantra page!.

The full Mantra plus BUGSERS discussing how to handle the message.

But other BUGSERS took the “Racism is a Code Word for White Genocide” banners straight from our meeting. They reported that every single biker who went to get a sign, put up a sign. In time we will learn to STAND BY our signs.

At our BUGS gettogether, troops went out and put up White Genocide signs and STOOD BY THEM.

ALL the bikers gave them thumbs up. Ninety percent of the cars gave them thumbs up.


They want the destruction of the white to go front and center.

WE want the destruction of the white race to go front and center.

Get those banners UP.

Hell, if you plan to stand by them I’ll come join you.

Please STOP trying to outrespectable our mortal enemies.