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BUGS Video – Joy from Freedom Farm

First of the Political Corrector Series:

“I am the Political Corrector! Screaming is Hate Speech!”

We here at BUGS know that Anything anti-Whites disagree with, they childishly label as Hate speech.

Bob has repeatedly pointed out that Free Speech cannot exist in a multiracial society or any society based on a set of words, because at some point laws are enacted to protect their set of words.

With Freedom of speech there can be no such thing as Hate speech.

So now political correctness has a face. Introducing the Political Corrector, a character so deranged that anybody exercising their freedom of speech he yells “That’s Hate speech!”

Laughing at the ridiculousness of political correctness is the ultimate diffuser. We will make anything to do with political correctness and Hate a JOKE! We will make the political corrector a series and an icon, with his face on t-shirts with the quote “Screaming is Hate speech” ect..

The second video in the series is to be out soon. The Political Corrector has now been appointed Head of the French Department of Diversity Enforcement by Nicolas Sarkozy, to use “more coercive measures” to crossbreed the French population.

Stay tuned for more from the Political Corrector……..



The BUGS Academy of Creative Advertising

It would not bother me in the slightest if some of our BUGSERS learned ultra-state of the art advertising right here and ended up rich.

I just wrote a two-minute You Tube for HD with his live acting and a little help from other BUGSERS. They were of course concerned about doing it right.

My response was, “DO it, THEN we can do it right.”

In the YouTube area, I like to think that White Rabbit represents a Hollywood, California approach at one end and Ole Bob is White Trash, South Carolina at the other. WR has expertise and a reputation. He must succeed.

I, on the other hand have nothing to lose here. Whereas WR’s hard won reputation can suffer if he screws up the first cut, I can make another one and another one and so on ad infinitum

By definition, when I screw up, practically nobody will notice.

My one big problem is that people plan and plan and never DO anything.

Our sign campaign goes all the way back to the Burma Shave signs of the 30s, our YouTubes could be miracles of simplicity, but only if they do NOT take themselves so seriously they don’t get anything done.

As web technology leaps forward, we can learn to leap wth it. Ours is an advertising campaign, and what you learn in this advertising campaign you can apply in all the others.