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Power, Money, Fame, and the Lesson You Can Get from Them

Power, money and fame are three different things.

My motto is “ I don’t need riches, I don’t need fame….”

“All I ask is to rule the world.”

You now understand personally that this is not a joke, but a PROFOUND truth.  photo alger.jpg

The president will change nothing important.

People who are after power USE whatever they can.

Celebrities and politicians USE power-seekers.

Power-seekers are like writers. A lot of them, like me, ARE writers.

The profound point here is that there are THREE categories: rich, famous, and powerful.

People who must spend their time getting elected have almost no time to think about power.

People seriously into making money don’t have time to get down into the circus where real ideas are generated and compete.

Now that you have expended so much time and effort exercising real power, it would be a shame if you did not take advantage of this experience to get the new look at the world you have earned.

You will not end up as one of the screaming old drunks at conventions who yell, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun!!!!!” or the professors and students who scream, “Rich people have all the power!”

But those like me who actually exercised power always loved those clowns.

In the same way that a screaming old drunk or a student demonstration is loved by the guys who are doing a break-in two miles away.



“Hey, Rednecks! All Experts Agree That…

I have been through about a hundred phases of “The experts have agreed that…”

In 1989 it was absolutely agreed by experts that men and women, outside of sex, were EXACTLY THE SAME. I remember this because it was a credo with the licensed “Counsellors.”

This Expert Agreement was absolutely forgotten when “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” became a best seller.

I went to an exercise club in the 1990s. The regular at the desk there was a former Mister South Carolina. He had a photograph right there of himself when he was Mr. SC, sporting muscles Schwarzenneger in his prime would have been jealous of.  photo mm.jpg

I remember THAT because the Absolute of 1993 there an Ideal Healthy Weight for each man of a given height and for each woman of a given height.

Like everyone else, this gentleman repeated the current doctrine of the bureaucracy that chose him, in his case the Physical Fitness bureaucracy.

He declared the doctrine that the ideal healthful weight did not vary, regardless of one’s frame.

If I pointed at his photo and asked if his weight as Mr. SC, which was about forty pounds up from his current size, was an exercise in ill health, his reply would have been very familiar to a BUGSER. He would have insisted he was very healthy then but the Ideal Healthful Weight was, as his Experts said, always the same.

What the experts agree means less than nothing.

Mommy Professor agrees that all races are equal, or his thugs will “Whup yo’ ass!”


As Watson and Crick, Nobel Prize-winning discoverers of DNA, discovered, the minute you stop agreeing is the minute you cease to be an Expert.



Kraa! – What Crows Teach

Just got in from DerBeagle’s dawn of day constitutional. Walking down the lane across the road I heard high in a tree the squabbling of chicks. Without glasses it was difficult to see whether it was a hawk or owl that flew out. Perhaps it was a young eagle. It was chased by a single crow.  photo crows.jpg

The predator returned and was repulsed. On its second return it was met by three crows and retreated. It flew back one more time to be met by six or more perched crows. The interloper took off. The crows did not have to take to the air.

Blacks have learned from crows. Jews copy crows. Hispanics follow suit. Asians aid each other as crows do.

Caw. Kraa. Caaawh.

Why cannot Whites learn from crows? Evidently we do not have bird brains. But even the dumbest of us can post the Mantra, the White flock’s best defense against competition from those promoting the special interest of their own race, that is, against those of differing feathers. Perch upon our White race’s highest treetop, the Mantra, and then soar skyward by posting the Mantra.



Uncle Bob Wants YOU!

My name is Bob Whitaker and I am running for President on the American Freedom Party ticket.

I have been in active politics for over sixty years.

I worked on Capitol Hill and was a presidential appointee.

Every election year you hear people say that if you vote for a third party you “throw away your vote.”

Meanwhile, out in the real world, the only people who DON’T throw away their vote are those who either do not vote or who vote for a third party.

I am telling you this as a political professional.  photo vote.jpg

The American electorate is divided into three titanic groups.  There are the Democrats, the Republicans, and the non-voters. The biggest group by far is the non-voters.

Political professionals always have that mountain of non-votes in the back of their minds.

There is one indication of where that mountain of non-voters might go if they came to the polls, and that is the tiny parties that refuse to go along with the Democrats or the Republicans.

The Prohibition Party never got as high as one percent of the vote, but Prohibition became law.

The Free Soil Party twelve years before the Civil War never got one percent of the vote, but their platform became the Republican Party and dominated America for generations.

Every political pro knows the lesson of the 1932 election.   In 1932 President Herbert Hoover ran for reelection, and he got more votes than anyone before him had ever gotten.

But Hoover wasn’t just defeated, he was crushed.   The non-voters of 1928 blamed Hoover for the Depression and they came out in their millions and threw him out of office.

The American Freedom Party needs all the usual things.  We want your vote, your money would be welcome, but what I am asking for right now is You.

We need candidates for office.

But most of all we need you to get out there and tell our rulers that we the people are sick of things as they are and we are here to tell them so.



Bob Needs STAFF!

Since Bob has taken on this new platform it has given us the ability to take a legitimate stance against White Genocide.

The American Freedom Party has adopted our meme “’Diversity’ is a code word for White Genocide” as the campaign slogan.

This meme also recently appeared on a billboard in Arkansas.

Doing this sort of campaigning and activism takes WORK!

In a comment on the previous article, Bob said “THERE IS NO TEAM HERE!” but there needs to be!

Bob is a genius and I clearly see that.

Bob has gotten us to where we are today. He has gotten us to first base. photo help.jpg

Wouldn’t you like to see what second base looks like? I know I want to!

Bob is willing to take us there but this takes LISTENING TO BOB!

Bob is a Professional and knows EXACTLY what he is doing and what to look for!

We are reinventing politics. We want to make sure we take control of this revolution WE create and that means starting to work like a real political outfit.

This will require all sorts of roles from writers, tech support/running websites, creative designers, editors, on the ground campaigning, people willing to run as local candidates, online activists sending out mass media releases, etc.

I have taken on running BUGS, Bob’s new campaign website –, as Treasurer for Bob’s campaign, and with my activism efforts with FWG – Current Projects and recently been asked to be on the board for the American Freedom Party but I NEED HELP!

I am willing to listen to Bob and follow his lead on this.

Are you?