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Bob, the left is quietly giving up on equality, like it quietly gave up on central planning. I was in the Revolutionary Book Store in Manhattan, proudly Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, in September and asked to see the books beating a drum for central planning. There were none. There were plenty of books accusing “capitalism” of trying to force a universal McDonalization and Disneyfication on the world and as causing increasing inequality. Yes, the leftist belief in equality continues. When I told the proprietor my observation about the lack of panting for central planning and said that leftist today are opposed to capitalism because of its universalist ambitions (and that the opposition to the war in Iraq made them mad because they would be quite content if the Iraqis choose whatever form of gummint they want and most definitely did not want America imposing “democracy” upon them, the proprietor was quite interested.

But he’s not quite ready to give up on equality. When I told him that the left would abandon equality, too, as having failed just like central planning, he suddently became “busy.”

Watch for the little signs. Notice that antt-war rallies have fewer “Against War and Racism” banners.
The left will side with the particularists, the right with the universalists. The only serious racial egalitarians are on the right. They want us all to be saved, irregardless of race. The left just wants to have jobs promoting equality. Remember, when the Berlin Wall fell, there were more commies in West Germany (mostly professors) than in East Germany (zero).

Sure, the past success of 20TH CENTURY leftist rent-seeking for equality continues in the present. There are more than zero true believers among the left. This is called culture lag. And there’s a whole industry still living off it. (Didn’t a certain book, A Plague on Both Your Houses, once say something along these lines?) It’s the passion that has left the 20TH CENTURY left.

Bob, join me in being a 21ST CENTURY leftist.

Comment by Trager Smith — 3/30/2007




I didn’t hear that Orrin Hatch actually HAD had trouble over a liaison with a male intern until recently. But seven or eight years ago, I wrote that I was uncomfortable about his particularly worship of Teddy Kennedy. Joe Biden worships Teddy, but I did not get the same feeling about that.

The person who thought I knew abut this intern incident was astonished “that Bob knew” abut Hatch years before that incident came out. I didn’t.

There is a similar perversion, not the same one, but somehow creepily similar, in the worship respectable conservatives when they drool over liberals. Senator Proxmire was no object of this heavy saliva output. He was a consistent liberal, but he also sent almost his entire office budget, back to bug-eyed admiration of Wisconsin voters and respectable conservatives.

Proxmire, like some conservatives, said all they needed was a few secretaries and themselves. That is the way his constituents and conservatives put it. Actually what he was saying was that all THE STATE OF WISCONSIN needed was him and a few secretaries.

Proxmire may not have known how to use staff, but any reasonably competent person on Capitol Hill could save his own constituents millions for thousands spent on staff. In fact, Proxmire doubtless knew that, but he also knew how dumb his constituents were.

Another way Proxmire got conservative saliva pouring was his Golden Fleece Award. He would give out an award regularly to the most obvious pork projects. But in fact he would have been in real trouble with his colleagues if he had cited the REAL ones. So he would get the list of National Science Foundation Grants, a list of hundreds of small grants for basic research that comes to every congressional office on a weekly basis. He would then pick the silliest names of projects and denounce them.

Conservatives went into an orgasm every time Proxmire did this.

Now let’s forget them and talk about adults. There is no better expenditure a society can make than on basic research. Most of our basic advances are STILL the result of the basic research that had to be done for the Moon Shot. Basic research ALWAYS sounds silly. Who CARES why a bumblebee flies?

This was the kind of crap conservatives LIVE for. Proxmire would find a silly name and “expose” it while his colleagues spent BILLIONS on pork in their home districts.

Did you know that the Department of Defense actually has spent hundreds of man hours planning an invasion of ANDORRA!? Even more on Swaziland. Yu see, the Department of Defense does not exist to decide whether to go to war. It exists to react when the phone rings and the troops have to go in.


I think the reason Proxmire didn’t expose this was because someone would have told him where to stick it. Real scientists have no such spokesmen.

Analog Magazine had an editorial dedicated to the tiny projects Proxmire had condemned, and found that the results of these seemingly ridiculous basic research projects had been staggering. The information gotten there saved lies, made money, and all the rest.

But the Practical Man had objected, and that is all anyone knows.

I speculate here. I have begun to realize how important it is that the Ex Oriente Lux fallacy is gone. I have begun to realize that Zoroastrianism, in which I had a vague interest, turns out to reveal a mystery no one even NOTICES: How in HELL did a religion which claims descent from the Old Testament end up worshipping absolute chastity?

In the meantime, we need to DO with what we ALREADY have. But talking about nothing BUT the Mantra and nothing else is BORING. Besides I want REPORTS I can look up and none will give them to me. Maybe someone here would USE that to back you up or remake your point.

I can’t get you to do that. You don’t have t put ALL the sites down, just a few. If you’ve done it before, do it again. You may notice that one of the lessons of this blog is that effective propaganda involves LOTS of repetition.

But back to the basic point: An adult realizes that life must consist of BOTH, doing and speculating.

So lift your eyes! Don’t prospect where the gold gave out years ago. Someone just said the Jews haven’t made a single mistake since 1914. Do I really have to spend my declining years dealing with THAT?!

If you want to do your own thing start your own blog. I’ll back you up. If you are right, all my readers will go to you. Which would save me a mint and a lot of work. If I’m doing it wrong, you can do it right.

.In the meantime don’t think ANYBODY has a more open blog than this one, but there ARE limits.



Al Parker



So if our cult-like community’s bleak outlook is dead wrong compared with Bob’s future of white designer babies, then what are we doing here? Let’s just forget about all this stuff that isn’t fun to think about. From my understanding, regardless of what we do or don’t do, think or don’t think, the future will be white since almost all parents will choose White because it is smarter and prettier.

Al Parker


THINK a minute! What is it you get here that you don’t get elsewhere? One of the major things you DON’T get here is a Whitakerism, an Only True Program like Mr. Webb’s newspaper. I just said to Shari:

‘A major part of our job may simply be to make people WANT whites to survive. The baggage here is that you think you know it will all involve dramatics, fighting, torchlight parades, or an economic collapse.’

‘I have fund that politically interested people are exactly like generals: They are always preparing for the LAST war. That’s what I call baggage.’

I got Charles Issawi’s permission to quote him on the first page of my first book (in my own name) thirty years ago, so I’ll do it here:

“Social scientists like generals are always preparing for the last war.”

The Maginot Line and the gas masks carried by soldiers early in WWII are perfect examples of how everybody was preparing for a repeat of the poison gas and trenches of World War I. So much for generals preparing for the last war. Issawi goes on to describe social scientists, who prepare for,

“Depression when inflation is rife, oppression when society is out of control, and the rights of minorities when the majority has lost its direction unable to assert its will.”

Once again, you carry that “It’s no point if collapse is not eminent” psychology EVERY other pro-white site will give you. Some will give you an Only True Program to deal with The Crisis. Others will say the Crisis is hopeless so we should all, in full self righteousness, ‘cause Lord knows we TRIED, just plain QUIT.

Unlike the CIA, I didn’t care if the Soviet Empire collapsed because of increased Intelligence budgets or just fizzled out the way it did. I wsn’t in it to be a Dragonslayer. I just wanted the God damned (literally) thing DEAD.

I don’t care if you get your drama or not. I don’t care if my race is saved by Webb making amilion dollars on his newpaper or by a wave of sympathy for our race’s survival due to the Mantra when desinger babies come along.

Ifyou would get that baggage off yur back, yu would realize that one of the establishment’s major anti-white gambits is whites adopting non-whites.

I am here to save my race, not to run around in jackboots.

I don’t CARE whether it is a drama or not. The Soviet Empire didn’t collapse in any of the dramatic scenarios anyone would have guessed. It fell out of SILLINESS. Ross Perot was not leading in the polls for the presidency because of anything dramatic. We came close to a political revolution, because that would have made opened up ALL avenues, because people had the attitude they have right now: the political system doesn’t make any difference.

In fact, the baggage you are carrying is the one thing the establishment still SURVIVES on. You take them seriously. Respectable conservatives get PAID to take them seriously. All anyone remembers about Perot are his big ears. I know that Perot was not the point. The fact that he was number one in a field of three, just like Jessie Ventura who stayed in, was the critical point.

It is also a fact you will se NO ONE MENTION OUTSIDE OF THIS BLOG.

The tiny samizdat self-publications did more to bring down the USSR than the CIA EVER did. Regan’s two words, “Evil Empire” did more to bring it down than all the Tough Guys put together.

Meanwhile our entire side is bemoaning the immovable power of the geniuses who rule us, shouting abut 1933 torchlight parades, looking for a Depression like the one that brought Hitler to power. None of them even NOTICE that these geniuses have made Europe subject to an electoral bloc that hates Jews worse than Hitler did, that just brought an end to Holocaust education England.

And here I am, repeating these things for the tenth or twentieth time. This is wearying.


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Okay, I don’t really understand the designer babies. For one thing, all that stuff is terribly expensive. It’s way too expensive to have babies with the minimum of prenatal care and birth. All my children need for white babies is a white mate. I don’t know what is meant by “paints” That mixed parents can choose to hide the genes of the non-white parent? As for advertizing pure Aryan babies, I suppose that means an embryo implant in a non-white woman? And another thing, I’ve have LOOONG been sick and tired of being expected to be tied hand and foot to a professional somebody, and that includes doctors. How can that avoided, unless a very rich person?
I’m sure that I am not thinking of a lot of things. I expect the present “economy” to fail and soon, but don’t know how technology will mesh with freedom and good morals.

Comment by shari


The same expense argument was made against the auto mobile in 1900. Now it’s only rich people who can afford HORSES. I used to work with retarded children, and it is a HELL of lot cheaper to raise an intelligent child.

But this is a good example of what I call “baggage.” Family Values will collapse if a child is kept from being BORN with problems. In fact, I get the impression that a child is not considered HUMAN if he is designed to avoid genetic problems.

But once he is born? No expense is too great, no slavish dependence on specialists is too extreme, to take care of a child with genetic disabilities! And no life loads this baggage on like the anti-abortionists.

If you want to see what a “pain job” is, there is movie about two black agents who disguise themselves as blond girls. In fact, female impersonators have been doing it for years. The man LOOKS female, but isn’t. The black agents LOOKED like white girls, but weren’t. I can see OJ Simpson falling for one of the agents or a female impersonator, but not on purpose.

A major part of our job may simply be to make people WANT whites to survive. The baggage here is that you think you know it will all involve dramatics, fighting, torchlight parades, or an economic collapse.

I have fund that politically interested people are exactly like generals: They are always preparing for the LAST war. That’s what I call baggage.