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Comment in Lord Nelson’s Thread on SF

Another standard Mommy Professor argument used here, and thousands of times before by the antis, is “How can I be anti-white? I’m white.”

It’s called treason, and if you know any history, there is nothing new about it.

Trappist monks have only recently got rid of the self-torture they were famous for. It is not at all unusual for people to mistake self-hatred for virtue.

Mommy Professor taught antis that the highest virtue was to be an enemy of your own kind. That is the essence of leftism and of the forms of Christianity, from the sickest branches of Calvism to the Trappists, that we are outgrowing in the new age.

Join us in the twenty-FIRST century.



Aryan Numerals

I have discussed at length what rubes the “sophisticates” are when it comes to sculpture. Even the US Capitol Building is a bad joke. It has the gray stone look the Pantheon has TODAY. Meanwhile “sophisticates” make fun of the colorful statues of saints in Catholic churches.

We have long since known that, if a person from the days of ancient Greece were to walk into a Catholic Church, those statues would look very normal to him. He would be appalled by the Capitol building with its absurd colorlessness.

Another example of rubes with PhDs if the term “Arabic numerals.”

We learned that real classic sculpture was colorful in the nineteenth century, but this fact has not filtered down to Mammy Professor yet. We learned in the nineteenth century that the Arabs got the ingenious numerical system we use today, the one that replaced Roman numerals, from India.

The India they got it from was the one where Buddha had “eyes the color of the lotus,” bright blue, and when the Indian who brought kung-fu to China was said to have drilled a hole in a wall with his BLUE eyes. They each called themselves Aryans, from the highest castes of the race the caste system, called naryu, or “color,” was designed to preserve.

What we use are ARYAN numerals, not Arabic numerals




This sounds like Spengler. His examples of civilizations ending included those civilizations that changed from one to another without anyone noticing. The Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire, but the people there still called it the Roman Empire. The North changed from the chaos of the heroic era to Western Civilization without any die-out of Nordics.

The changes moving us from the old age to the new already happened. The New Age is that of race. The Germans who died successfully keeping Communism out of Western Europe and the Anglo-Saxon continents knew this, and reading Spengler, they said they could be the last of the old age or the first of the new. History will date the dawning sometime in the 20th century.

But it happened in such a way that nobody noticed.

The drama and the torch-light parades have already happened. One quarter billion whites died in the war that communism lost. It has been smooth going since.

Comment by Pain


Pain, as you know, Spengler and Yockey are joined at the hip. But I think you are one of the few who have read them AND Lawrence Brown’s (Yes, I talked to him, too.) MIGHT OF THE WEST.

Someday I would like you and/or others compare Brown with the other two.