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Mantra Wording for Other Countries, Intro, Part I

I mentioned below that I will often reject a suggestion in a comment, like Peak Oil, and then finally realize it is useful. I like to think I do more learning here than anybody else does.

This does serve one very useful purpose. There are people who, if you reject their idea, will suddenly decide you are Evil for Life, you know, the “You said my mother was ugly” types. This kind of person is destructive, and I don’t want him NEAR our blog. Mr. Webb was a prime example of this.

Our Peak Oil man, and many others I cannot remember, took it in stride. We have too many REAL things to do to conduct some kind of group therapy for Sensitive Souls. So when people were quibbling about the wording of the Mantra, Sarge took the lead and said, “Just USE the damned thing.” That is what sarges are FOR, and Mark is, as I keep bragging, the kind of best people I attract. He’s one hell of a sergeant, and he was dead accurate on the priorities of the time, and I said so.

But now that we have some ACTION REPORTS coming in on the Mantra, and anybody who got all upset about our hard stand on this has sneaked away, it is time for me to address this problem. Someone who is USING the Mantra in Europe has a problem with it:


Bob, you say that:

“Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

It seems to me that this use of the expression “RACE problem” is something specific for the United States.

I think it dates back some decades because of the presence of blacks in America. In Sweden we don’t have this kind of history so what the left and the right told us over here in the 80s and the early 90s was that taking in immigrants was all good because it was humanitarian to do so and people who resisted were racist etc.

Somewhere around the mid 90s it was said that we were a multicultural state and that multiculture was all good and if you resisted you were racist etc. Nobody was allowed to question any problems at all arising from multiculturalism. It was all good.

Somewhere around 2002 there was a change of line. Suddenly, yes there were some problems with multiculturalism but only because we had a problem with segregation. The left said that this segregation was because of white racism and “structural racism”. The solution to the problem of segregation is integration and the government should enforce it, the left told us. The liberals (who are the political “right” in Europe”) said that the lack of integration was because of too much free market-barriers etc. But “both sides” said and are still saying that the problem is not multiculturalism but segregation and that if we all just integrate (i.e. the solution to the white race) all problems will disappear.
However, they never speak or spoke of some race problem. They spoke of segregation, integration, diversity and multiculturalism.

I want to use Bob’s Mantra in Sweden but I have a hard to translate the first paragraph. The race problem is such a good expression for our enemies to use (for us). Unfortunately, they don’t use it over here.

Can you help me think of some alternative so I can combat political correctness in Sweden?

Can you give me an example of where liberals and respectable conservatives talk about Europe and say that we must solve the race problem there (with the exact words “race problem”).


This is NOT someone sitting on his ass twiggling about the Mantra instead of USING it. This is EXACTLY what I ask for, a comrade in the fight who wants some advice.

That’s what I’m here for.

Now to MY problem. You saw me below writing something in my version of German. Those who do not know German will see it as an exercise in my linguistic expertise. Those who DO read German will see it as an exercise in raw courage. Very few people have the guts to write something that bad in a foreign language. But I know it will be understood, and that is all I am interested in.

I have been willing to look like an idiot for the cause many, many times. This is courage, not expertise. It’s embarrassing, and many a Tough Guy who is willing to go out and fistfight for the cause would die before he would make a fool of himself for it. I’ll do either one.

I am not William Buckley, so I do not pride myself in putting in untranslated phrases in a foreign language. So I translated every word I said into English. One thing I said was that I am VERY, I will add PAINFULLY aware of trying to say what one wants to say in a foreign language.

Don’t let Adelheim or the Swedish guy above fool you. I will NEVER be able to write confidently and clearly in ANY foreign language the way they make English seem so easy. But I’ve been around enough to KNOW it and to tell you so. If you don’t have guts, don’t try a foreign language. Adelheim and this man and others whose native language is not English stumbled their asses off through school or elsewhere to get where they are, and there is no way you are not going to do that early on in ANY foreign language.

I am approaching a thousand words here, so I will have to do a Part II just of this intro because our whole business is communication, and this brings up points you NEED.

I WILL get to the Mantra point, but let me say all this first, because this Mantra wording is MUCH more difficult than it seems at first, and I’ll need your help on it. This is a SEMINAR, not a lecture.