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As national salvation keeps pointing out, what I have to offer you is a lifetime of paid-for political strategy that WORKS.

A guy who calls himself “The Lie” brought up the old “America was stolen from the Indians” line. One of ours answered with the usual line abut if you don’t like America leave it.

True, but ineffective. Nobody outside this blog, and you are still learning, can grasp the importance of using the argument, the whole argument, and nothing but the argument that WORKS.

He will not understand the full import of the argument I gave him, but I only need a few like you who do. It would DESTROY the “American is stolen” crowd:

Like other antis, Lie doesn’t know his history. Every people historically took their land from somebody else, including the successive waves of Indians.

But there is a MORAL point here. Lie says this isn’t our country because we took it.

So Lie is sitting on stolen property. What does an honest person do when he lives on a piece of stolen property? Does he just sit there and bitch at everybody else who lives on it?

The FIRST thing you do when you receive PART of stolen property is to give YOUR part back. Other people keeping their part is no excuse. If Lie means what he says, he should get out of here, NOW.

Put up or shut up. That is true of EVERYBODY who uses that stolen property crap, and you should call them on THAT, SPECIFICALLY.


From this we go to Tim’s Comment below. The crucial strategic line is:

“I read this comment from the General online. We are becoming ONE BIG Global White Tribe.”

This is absolutely critical, but the point I want to make here is completely contrary to what we drift along saying.

Strategy consists of seeing the battlefield NEW all the time. All of our strategy in the past has been based on the old world where the white man ruled. Colored had not learned our technology and our methods.
Our strategic error was that we never made it clear that those were OUR products, and white people, therefore, had a right to discriminate to claim the wealth and power they produced for ourselves. Ex Oriente Lux, “A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” represented our saying that MANKIND had produced it all and they had as much right to it as we did.

Can you imagine a Rockefeller or a Kennedy or any other heir just giving all his inherited wealth to everybody? They’ll preach it, but they’re not stupid enough to DO it. Whites were stupid enough to DO it.

But all our scholars, on both sides, BELIEVED in Ex Oriente Lux. So when the white race lost its power, they could not blame THAT. So they came up with theories that the Jews or the Illuminati or somebody had STOLEN the world we had given up.

It was partly a matter of classism. Conservatives had serious problems believing that a working class white person had real claims on what our WHOLE race had done. You will find that discussed in “Societal Property Rights” in my book, The New Right Papers.

We lost the world because we were stupid, not because someone took it from us.

NOTE THIS: I do NOT deny that others took it from us. But if you are STUPID and have something precious, someone is GOING to take it from you. If you leave your money in a public place, it doesn’t do any good to damn the thief who grabbed it.

So the serious strategist has two options. He can sit with you on the street and help you cry over the theft you asked for. Sitting and telling people it’s not their fault is a good way to make a living. If I had done that in Washington I probably would have made the Cabinet.

But I wouldn’t have made any DIFFERENCE.

The other way for an intelligent strategist to react is to say, “OK, you lost that. Let’s not be stupid any more.” Let me assure you this is NOT the way to popularity.

We LOST the world. We can sit and cry about the Demonic Jews or we can find a strategy that fits into our post-defeat world. Jews want to destroy any identity except their own. Jews took advantage of our weaknesses; Christians asked for it by calling Jews The People of the Book. Jews are our enemies.


After Hitler lost the heroic effort at the Battle of the Bulge, he still had titanic resources at his disposal. Those resources COULD have been used to plant seeds in the post-War world. But Hitler sat in his bunker and moaned about how “the Jews and Slavs will inherit the world.” As is to be expected of a mere human being, Hitler was so lost in his own defeat he did nothing for what happened AFTER it.

We no longer own the world. We gave that away. Shall we now sit and scream at our enemies, or will we DO something?

Look at what Tim said: The White Tribe.

I get so TIRED of the Practical Clowns saying, “Time is running out.” If you are still following the same strategy, time ran out a long time ago.

But, like Hitler after the Battle of the Bulge, our resources are enormous as you listen to what Tim Said. As “Yassuh, boss” whites we have given it all away.

But — CAN ANYBODY LISTEN TO WHAT I AM SAYING!? — as representatives of whites in a world of different races, our power is ENORMOUS.

Everything that shocked people that I said in my 1976 book makes people yawn now. It is now standard politics.

In the near future there will simply be no room for anti-white whites. I worked in prisons. I saw it first hand. The first thing a black man looks for when he is transferred to a new facility is other blacks. The first thing a white man in that position looks for is other whites. When things get serious, all the Mommy Professor crap goes out the window.

Are you READY for that world?

I am.

I am thinking about how to treat white traitors who suddenly find that the blacks they thought loved them switch to their own. I am thinking about how WE become spokesmen for whites when everybody suddenly discovers what a valuable position that is.

Every second spent moaning abut Jews makes us less prepared for the real future.

It’s getting serious, gang. As race-minded people our only advantage is that we should KNOW that.

So stop driveling and let’s get serious.




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I read this comment from the General online. We are becoming ONE BIG Global White Tribe. Our Elites have pushed the END of the Nation State in White Countries and ONLY White countries. And they are getting EXACTLY what they asked for…….albeit with unintended consequences.

The only place where old prejudices hold still is in Eastern Europe and that is changing quickly. Even in typically ethnocentric countries like Ireland I have heard people say…”he is NOT an immigrant—HE IS WHITE” (and that was to a damn Brit buying property!). That is SERIOUS progress. I am guessing that MORE that a few ELITES are going to realize they have problems BIG problems and it ain’t AL-Quaeda.

Funny, this General is probably about as bright as our dear Sovietologist Condi Rice. He should have just read Bob’s first book to get this analysis.



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When I Get Too Rich for You

I have gotten a number of letters from Ed McMahon, who never lies, telling me I am inches away from winning ten million dollars. He has written me for years, so the time must be near.

Besides that, I have gotten e-mails from several lotteries telling me I have won their Grand Prize.

If that isn’t enough, I keep getting urgent e-mail from Africans explaining that they are telling me, and only me, that they have access to a hundred million dollars and if I will help them with only a measly few bucks, I can have a major portion of it.

I PAY money to do this blog. So my soon-to-come wealth wouldn’t seem to be a problem. But being wildly rich is a full time job. When I have to spend all my time drinking and womanizing down in Aruba, can I keep this up, too?



Good Save, Shari!

Shari pointed out that she didn’t understand my comment about Gaitskell in “Corrections.” That’s because I forgot to put it in, and Shari wants to know what the hell is going on.

Good for you!

Here it is, mistake and all:

By the way, when I was eighteen I happened to be standing at the gates when Hugh Gaitskill (?), the 1959 version of Tony Blair, had just been elected. It was the opening of Parliament after the election. Everybody else came through in limousines. Gaitskill, like Carter in 1977, WALKED through. I actually saw Churchill six feet away in his limousine.

Maybe Churchill recognized me. You know that famous “V for Victory” sign he used to make? He gave me HALF of it.


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SF Piece: Tribute to an Anti

Web Censorship “Bypass” Unveiled

I remember a young Canadian anti-racist whoinisisted helived in a free country. When racist cites were outlawed, he mirrored every “hate” site he culd find in protest. I do not know whether he is out of prison yet.

Antis here talk abut free speech, butnone of them are ever upset about gag laws,and I am sure the Blue Ribbon Free Speech crowd dsavowed this young man completely.

We have an oppositin thread here, but no anti demands the same of their own media. But there was one honest anti once, though I cannot find out what the other antis did to him.


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