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GOOD NEWS From StevenP!

Good news! The Mantra and activism handbook have been picked up by Britain’s main pro-white blog, It’s on their front page. So expect lots of incoming potential recruits over the next few days.

Here’s what I posted in the comments:

Thanks Guessedworker but actually the mantra is in fact Bob Whitaker’s as indeed is this whole model of internet activism. All I did really was write it all down.

This model has been in operation for quite some time now at Bob’s blog, where a team of activists has already been raising hell posting the mantra all over the net.

All the handbook does is lay out in precise practical terms the steps necessary to participate in this form of activism. I wrote it exactly one week ago when I started my own activist blog. So after one week of activism involving about 3 hours of activism a day, I can report I’ve contacted 300 people:;unique?login=mantra77

Far more were actually exposed to the mantra (or riddle) but 300 became curious enough to actually click the link and reach the blog. The blog’s role is to record traffic and pass it on to the websites running this activist model: – where the best posts are archived – Bob’s blog

The hope is that new arrivals will join the effort and become activists themselves. If a decent percentage, say 1% decides to do so, then that means that 1 activist can generate 3 more activists per week, every week (assuming 300 hits/week).

Ok maybe 1% is optimistic, but it’s worth trying out this model and seeing where it goes.

In short, it’s an experiment. However, if it succeeds the reward would be substantial since the model is designed for exponential growth. It’s something of an internet chain letter. Moreover, since it’s all public domain any pro-white website can adopt the model if it wants to.

Recap: This model is very simple. All you do is go to forums and blogs and copy/paste the mantra with your link. People click the link and reach the activism websites where they’re encouraged to join the activist effort. It takes 10 minutes to set up the blog to get going. 10 minutes.

If you are a conscientious white person who wants to do something, well here’s something you can do. Whether you spend one hour a day or one hour a month it’s up to you. At least you’re doing something for your people instead of sitting there simmering in resentment.