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Sorry, I’ve been saying what I would have had you never been born.


From constantly apologizing, Shari has advanced to become one of my star pupils.

I wonder if “pupil” is the right word. “Participant” sounds too Politically Correct. But my definition of a “good student” at this level is selfish. That is, I don’t need an elementary schoolchild or college student to repeat what I say. I need someone to give ME some keys to new thinking.

Just as the person who shuts “liar” is not to be believed, just as the person who shouts “Hate!” is the one whose life revolves around hatred, it is the person like Webb, who offers The Only True Approach, who must destroy all other approaches but his own, who talks the most abut “heel-clickers.”

I am running out of enthusiasm. After fifty years of concentrated effort, I have the right to do so. I haven’t been able to explain this to myself, but Shari just did. Over and over and over I keep pointing out that I do not KNW the future. But that is where I am valuable. I am perfectly aware that I do not know the future, and that anyone who thinks he does, INCLUDING THE PESSIMIST, is a damned fool.

I believe this is the ONLY place where you will find a Prophet of Doom denounced as as much an idiot as a Pollyanna Prophet. It isn’t optimism that makes these people stupid, it’s presuming to know the future. If a pessimist did any OTHER prophesying, everybody would laugh in his face.

So comment after comment here, and even more SF stuff, ends with the cry, “We have to act before it is TOO LATE!” This is dramatic, make the writer sound sincere, and, since it is part of the All Is Lost bit, nobody laughs in his face for saying he’s a prophet. Only if you have lived through dozens of Historical Inevitables the way I have does the person who says that seem to have donkey ears and a tail.

But I am NOT going to ARGUE this. Crying in your soup has become far too much a Sign of Wisdom in our Old Testament Prophet-based society for me to contradict it.

So let’s get back to Shari’s statement. For once, someone noticed what I had been saying all along and USED it as a LESSON. It reminded me what I brought up designer children FOR. It was NOT a PROPHECY, it was a POSSIBILITY. It was a sample of the entire world that Doom Prophets and their acolytes never think of.

So, as Shari shrewdly noticed, JUST when I NEEDED her to, Shari reminded us that the conversation went right where it would have gone on Stormfront. Instead of any of us, INCLUDING ME, remembering designer children is something that WILL influence the future, which is a complete wild card in the Doomsayers’ certainty; the debate began over Traditional Families and the probability that Bob’s Prophecy would become reality.

That’s STORMFRONT stuff, gang! And it wasn’t Bob but SHARI who caught us at it!

James Kelso and Don Black not only d fine job of running Stormfront, the growth of which is scaring liberal and conservative pants to an interesting yellow color, but Kelso takes care of US, too! F we are duplicating SF, it’s time t fold our tents and get the hell out.

I do not want to discuss Family Values. I want to open LIFT OUR EYES. I do not want to debate what would be debated had I never been born. This blog is your only chance to discuss things that CAN happen.

Everybody else is telling us we need to move to Alaska or Idaho or fund a local paper, or do what HITLER did. They are all fighting the last war. That’s a hell of a lot more fun than the work of thinking about the next one.

Unlike most people. I LIKE intellectual work.