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Filter Down III, the GOOD NEWS!

Filter Down III 

The previous two pieces were to explain something that no one today can really EMPATHIZE with.

I am very happy with things today for precisely the same reason I was an alarmist in 1955. The Masturbation Generation is dead or dying. Every idea they spread is now looked upon as quaint.

I won’t go through the whole list. Let’s just say that male birds only tweet to attract females is typical of that damned—literally – Generation’s ideas. As C.S. Lewis said through the mouth of Screwtape, the best route to Hell is routine, without twistings or turnings, just going along with what, in your heart, you know is Evil. From Mommy Professor, that was the route the Masturbation Generation took, bitching but never in the open, always with the Inevitable, always following orders.

Now let us go to the basic problem with Inevitability.

It doesn’t WORK.

Especially, it doesn’t work TODAY.

Nobody understands what filter down MEANS. It means that today’s world is bad and getting worse because all of our present institutions, all of our present practical methods of getting ahead, all fashionable opinion, is based on the ideas I saw filtering down fifty years ago.

I cannot see a single BAD idea filtering down today. Every documentary tells us that “the so-called savages” were actually very moral and forward-looking. This is Doctrine. OF COURSE that is what anybody who wants to keep his job says. But up where the filter-down begins, it is seen as quaint. “Why,” article after article asks, “do all of THEM keep insisting that there is something noble about being a backward savage?”

You are doing the Mantra because in the very near future, race will be a matter of CHOICE.

In the 1950s, the very idea of heart transplantation was laughed at by all the Practical Experts. They pointed out that you couldn’t even do a tiny skin transplant without the body rejecting it, much less a HEART, for God’s sake. They were perfectly correct and totally wrong.

Every concept our society is based on is dead, dead, DEAD. Ex Oriente Lux, “A small step for man, a giant step for Mankind” is now laughable and part of every documentary. This is NOT a contradiction. This is simply filter down.

Long since, even documentaries show the class system among animals, the universal territorial imperative among animals. I discussed THAT in my 1976 book, long before it happened.

In 1900 Indians were called The Vanishing Americans. With the abolition of slavery in 1865, the death rate among blacks INSTANTLY doubled. In 1900 blacks were, inevitably, a smaller PART of the American population.

In 2000, this Inevitability was reversed.

Nobody noticed.

But me.

The only perfectly consistent thing I can see is faith in Inevitability.

I have just spent two thousand words or so explaining why this Inevitability Faith is the silliest one possible. But the Practical Man believes in it, thumps his chest over it, generation after generation. And in every age, the Inevitability reverses itself completely.

But fifty years have given me a sense of humor about this I did not have as a suffering, understanding boy of fourteen.

Thank God.



Filter Down II

Filter Down II

In our last exciting episode, Bob was trying, AGAIN, to explain what everybody took for granted in 1955.

Now, as usual, I am going to do a piece of basic arithmetic for you. The population was then divided into two sets of two groups.

First, there were those who understood how bad things were going to get. This was back when the idea of students ever going through a metal detector in high school was considered nutcase hysteria. This was when even hard-core segregationists thought that “integration” meant a few blacks in a few schools.

Practically everybody agreed that integration was NOT, repeat NOT, about intermarriage.

Then there was a very tiny group of “alarmists” like me who predicted how bad things were going to be. In 1956 I was called “Federal Troops” Bob because I said federal troops would be used to enforce integration.

It is as hard for me to explain to you what the thinking was like then as it was for me at that time to explain why Federal troops would HAVE to be used. It happened the next year in Little Rock and everybody promptly forgot the “Federal Troops Bob” label.

Except me. After fifty years I am very used to living in a world where nobody remembers what was filtering down yesterday.

But, and this is another important point others never could empathize with, there was an even greater division among the few of us who KNEW how bad things were going to get.

In this tiny percentage, I was part of an even SMALLER minority.

Those who were not “alarmists” lived in the real world. They lived in a world where people do things for reasons, rather simple reasons.

Here comes the Catch-22. In order to be an alarmist, you had to visualize a nightmare future as a reality. But in order to see a nightmare as a reality, you cannot believe that the world follows any normal rules.

A very tiny percentage of people were in my alarmist category. But only a vanishingly small minority of THAT group could realize that the coming nightmare was a result of some obvious, basic results of human behavior. All the other alarmists saw a Communist Conspiracy. They saw what every magician depends on, that Things are Not as They Appear.

If Things Are Not as They Appear, neither God nor evolution would have given us EYES.

So I was part a tiny percentage of a vanishingly tiny minority. I fought the ideas that were filtering down in the real world while all the other alarmists battled for Things Are Not As They Appear.

If you simply cannot empathize with my living in the world as it was THEN, it sounds absurd for me to say that I was a major factor in destroying the Soviet Empire. When I met with George Wallace in 1968 and 1972, no one in the Kremlin knew that I was what turned out to be almost a one-man conspiracy that would destroy them.

In 1974, when Bill Rusher, publisher of National Review, converted completely to the realization that only a combination of Wallace conservatives and Republican conservatives could eventually elect Reagan, everybody was fully aware that there was only one person in America who had been a trusted spokesman for working people’s conservative protests for years.

Every time he got me a job or an interview, the guy would explain that Rusher had talked about me for half an hour to explain exactly who I was, WHAT I was.

But if you read my first book in my name and Rusher’s introduction to it published in1976, you will be puzzled as to what was so revolutionary about it. It is all perfectly obvious NOW.

That book was given a rave review in National Review and was the object of cover-article attack in National Review. By 1981 everybody took credit for knowing it all along.

Bill Rusher realized that there was nobody else who could do what I did. He had for twenty years been part of the “business usual let’s not be alarmists all is lost but we are the last-ditch heroes” crowd. He was man enough to take a LONG time to explain why he had been wrong.

Without me I think the Soviet Empire would STILL be limping along with Western support. But Rusher had to explain what THAT had to do with MY getting independent truckers to block traffic in DC at rush hour or doing the press conference for tens of thousands of working people paying their own way and marching in Washington DC against the education establishment for DIFFERENT causes.


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Filter Down I

Filter Down I

My apparent prophetic ability in my teens was not just that I knew where integration and other trends were going. More important, I could see the ideas that dominated academia. I could see, plain as day, that the concepts the Masturbation Generation were spreading, the ones coming down the pike, were going to make things WORSE.

I NEVER lived in the present time intellectually. I could watch ideas go from Harvard to smaller universities and the New York Times and then listen without the slightest surprise as they began to take over in Suburbia.

That was half a century ago.

I became an expert in seeing an idea go along on its predictable pattern, the way we NOW know that serial killers do. We are used to patterns now, but back then it was an alien idea. Keynes talked about it in his introduction in 1937 but most “intellectuals” had no idea he was right.

And this was because of one of the ideas I am talking about. Back then there was “intellectual opinion.” Back then there was Social Progress. I remember one history book was praising a Thinker of two centuries ago and he said that “his ideas today are as modern as those of Karl Marx, as relevant as Beatrice and Sidney Webb.”

The latter pair were founders of the British Labor Party.

Another concept that was considered absolutely unquestionable was Ex Oriente Lux, that all things were invented in the Middle East and spread to us lesser mortals. All that the Middle East had invented was the product of All Mankind:

“One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind.”

The most basic absolute, adamantine concept spread by the Masturbation Generation from Mommy Professor was Inevitability. Socialism of the type rejected by the Labor Party by the 1970s was Inevitable in 1050. The only question was whether it would be Beatrice and Sidney Webb’s Democratic Socialism or Marx’s totalitarian socialism.

As Paul Weyrich explained in his section of my New Right Papers, when he first got to Capitol Hill, conservatives subscribed to this Inevitability. Their only pride was in being the last of a dying, noble breed. When National Review was funded in 1955, it declared that its only purpose was to stand atop the Tide of History and shout: “STOP!”

So I could see the future because I could see the ideas that were filtering down.

EVERYTHING has changed. Ex Oriente Lux has filtered down. I was there fifty years ago when it was the Inevitable, the Future. Carbon dating simply killed it.

Back then, everybody in the Masturbation Generation was just learning from Mommy Professor that man is the only animal who has a class system. Man was the only animal who had borders. Male birds tweeted entirely for the purpose of attracting female birds.

All borders, all violence, all class systems had been explained by Marx and the Webbs to be the products of human society and economics.

The list of absurdities, no, insanities, is ENDLESS. “Modern anthropology has proved that all races are equal in innate abilities.” That one took us DECADES to root out. It was replaced by “Race does not exist.”

But “race does not exist” was cut to pieces INSIDE academia! In record time! What I simply cannot convey to you is that all this was just BEGINNING to filter down in 1955. NOBODY remembers when it was doctrine that male birds only tweeted to attract females. Back then, as Freud had said, the only basic drives were hunger and sex.

Everybody now knows that animals yell or tweet or roar to mark their territory. Everybody knows that EVERY social animal has a ruthless class system that makes our feudal system look classless.

I was familiar with all this crap. But it was news, news of “sophisticated thought,” of Historical Inevitables, back then. It was the doctrine that the Masturbation Generation was spreading down to us all. I could see it perfectly, clearly. Nobody else could.

Back then, those who disagreed did not KNOW that they AGREED. The opposition consisted entirely of those who, like National Review, were convinced they were the last champions of a Lost Cause.

Back in that intellectual environment no one now can understand, everything was hopeless. But no one knew that this was because a host of insane ideas was coming down the predictable pike, no one could understand that then, and damned few can understand that today.

Obviously The Other Side would win. They would win because things were going their way.


I wrote a piece called “I Won Some!” I got the impression that nobody understood me.

“Bob,” they told me, how can you be wasting your time fighting in academia for the innate differences in races when the Communist Conspiracy or The Jews are omnipotent and omniscient?”

“Bob,” they said, “Why are you out there trying to get a coalition of Wallace voters and conservatives instead of exposing the Communist Conspiracy?”



From Stormfront on Northern and Southern Europeans

The point of my dialogue is that my being pro-white is not based on what YOU say I AM.

The enemy is out to get us ALL.

No matter what, genocide is WRONG and, by any definition the white race is irreplacable.

ABOVE ALL, this is a WAR. I don’t want to be in the trenches with some guy BEHIND ME who will suddenly switch sides if someone uses some Northern and Southern European, or Germanic versus Slavic formulation.

In the 1920s the standard Yankee denunciation of the the South was that we were inferior because we had so much Celtic blood (See H.L. Mencken, but don’t ask ME to Google it for you).

I don’t give a damn WHAT Yankee Jim thinks of Southerners as long as his gun is shooting the same way mine is. But if you can switch sides because of what somebody else in our ranks thinks of your ancestry, then I want you miles away from me.

Why that should mystify anybody mystifies ME.



Back Bay Grouch

Bob hit that nail right. Abraham Lincoln once began a letter to a friend, “. . . I apologize for writing such a long letter as I did not have enough time to write a short one. …” Lincoln got a lot of things wrong, but not that.

Back Bay Grouch


The Gettysburg Address is the most effective political Mantra in history. After the defeats at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863 and the surrender of Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, Lincoln considered the Confederacy well on its way to destruction. He no longer had to think about uniting white forces for war.

While other Republicans were fixated on the Iraq, sorry I mean the Civil War, Lincoln immediately began planning for the POST-War Age.

When Lincoln got to Gettysburg in late July of 1863, he was getting ready to declare the total revolution that had occurred in America. The legend is that he wrote it on the back of an envelope on his way to Gettysburg. Actually I can tell you as a writer he had been working on it for MONTHS.

Look at its Mantra qualities. First, it is short and a major portion of the population can recite it form memory.

Secondly, it carries the mailed first of revolution in the velvet glove of poetry. The Gettysburg Address, in its first sentence, nullifies the Constitution. “We the People of the United States of America and our posterity” ceases to have any relevance. America is now dedicated to the proposition that ALL MEN are created equal.

That proposition was written into the Declaration of Independence as an appeal for French liberal support, the exact same thinking that underlay the French Revolution and, later, Marxism.
In the end, Lincoln’s statement “government of the people, by the people, for the people” is using the term “people” straight out of French Revolutionary thinking and Marxism. His “by the people” means exactly what Marx meant by “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

The Declaration had several clerics at that convention declaring for Deism, just as it had slave holders declaring all men equal. “Nature and Nature’s God” is not a mystical term,and it has nothing to do with Christianity. Every person there recognized it as straight Deism, the religion of Voltaire and Rousseau, the basis of French Revolutionary thinking.

What about rule … by the people …?” Lincoln’s “the people” had nothing to do with setting the government’s goals. That universal goal was stated at the outset: America exists to enforce the universal equality of mankind. That is what Bush is declaring right now in Iraq.

America went into World War I to “save civilization.” It gave a third of humanity to Stalin and Mao in World War II to “eradicate racism around the world.”

What Lincoln’s Mantra dedicates us to can be recited by a major portion of our society.

And nobody but me even notices how effective it was or that it was a revolutionary statement.


— OUR Mantra

The White Mantra

” Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

“The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

“Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

“What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

“How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

“And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

“But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

“They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”


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