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Coordinated Action At Last! PLEASE JOIN IN!

Lord Nelson and I just had a mantra posting hour. Operation Agamemnon.

It was at, in the discussion forum. When I try to enter the forum now, I just get:

(”You have been banned for the following reason:
racist / white supremist

Date the ban will be lifted: Never”)

Well, that was very fun! I enjoyed it. I think the thread came up in 22 pages or something before we got banned for ever.

I want to do more of this, and I think Lord Nelson will too. On this forum we got so many replies that we were not able to handle all of them. If more people want to join we can certainly work out something.

But we still have a lot to learn, of course, when it comes to effectiv arguing.

Comment by Adelhei



Delegation II

Everybody understands an angry young man. Nobody has any use for an angry OLD man. You never get over anger, but tantrums and nastiness in an old man makes one a bit ill, while one expects some outbursts in a newer model.

As one gets older, one begins to really understand what one commenter said here “once and for all,” man’s activities are just as much a part of nature as a bird’s. The distinction between artificial and natural is useful in our language, but now it has become little but an advertisement for guilt.

As one gets more mature, one empathizes that complaining abut human nature is exactly as logical as complaining about gravity. You don’t have tantrums about gravity above the age of three. You learn to overcome it and you learn to use it. But an engineer who sat around bitching about gravity the way preachers and social scientists bitch about human nature would promptly get his strait jacket.

We allow people to cry about gravity until maybe age three. With young people we allow it into the twenties. After that, we begin to wish there were a better supply of strait jackets.

My methods of delegation got enormous RESULTS. But they are not the key to success, least of all inside the Beltway. I get the best people here. My operating system is out of sight professional. I had two people in DC offer to takes to work for me for the same reason: The best people LOVE to be handed a job with full responsibility by a boss who knows he would screw it up at least as much as they do.

The best want to run with it, not to be checking every comma with the Boss. But they are working ring hard, and they expect their boss to do the same. They want him available when THEY need a checkout, because the checks back with HQ are few and important.

Which leads me back to anger management? I got the best people, I got stupendous results, and very few people wanted to hire me. When I got past the anger, I began to realize that this was WHY my methods were so EFFECTIVE. No one else was doing what I did!

So I was upset that no one else was doing what I did, which was why I had power. Which meant I was bitching about the reason I had power. That’s Step One.

Step 2 is that you are bitching about GRAVITY. Your boss got his promotions in a system where NOBODY did what I did. If Ashbrook had been the average boss, he would have been a Senator. Instead, the REPUBLICAN Ohio legislature tried to redistrict him out of office three times by adding Democratic areas to his district and taking out his base vote. Not only did he overcome this, but his last electoral percentage was 73%.

But John was known as “the loose cannon.” He would not kiss up, he did what he thought was right, to an astonishing degree. He was on his way to the Senate when he “died.”

So my methods of delegation WORK, but they are NOT a key to occupational success.



Tribute to a Lady of Quality

A member of my old team spent HOURS putting in the new system. More important, she put such EXPERTISE into it that Kelso was asked by one of the world’s top computer experts for a report on her work.

The BEST work with me, and I’m PROUD of that! Our second systems operator, before that team, was a young, self-made millionaire in computers. So this is a compliment to my old team, too. I get the BEST.

Another point here is that the BEST don’t just drop out on you, no matter what happens. My old team dropped out on me for something that was MY fault. But it never OCCURRED to my earlier Systems Op to just leave me high and dry until I fund someone else, no matter how I had offended her.

If you are in politics a long time, you have many, many times had someone suddenly just stop talking to you over something and to hell with the people in the movement who were depending on your working together. Quality people NEVER do that. But quality people are few. You see people on Stormfront suddenly deciding that another one is EVIL and blasting them. They totally forget this is their COMRADE, all else notwithstanding.

These are children, and one should NEVER put important things in the hands of children, no matter what age they may be. We are in a WAR and they treat it like a game where there is room for tantrums.

I want the BEST. We can use the kids in the torchlight parade.