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Covered and Covered

Posted by Bob on May 6th, 2007 under History

Jamestown WAS covered in the media, so I really put my foot in my mouth there.

But it was also covered over by Cinco de Mayo.

The Queen’s visit and prechmentof diversity was covered. Most countries would discuss the foundation date. But people will keep talking about the Pilgrim Fathers because what should have been a great month in our history has been forgotten.

  1. #1 by Mark on 05/06/2007 - 10:23 pm

    You were only partially incorrect.

    Jameston was covered by the media because it gave them an oppurturnity to publicize how bad the white race was to Indians and black slaves. Any time the media has an oppurtunity to twist history and reality into PC dogma they will. Jamestown was not covered in a historically correct manner — so in essence you were right in your earlier statement.

  2. #2 by ONEtribe on 05/08/2007 - 6:50 pm

    I was in a ultra-liberal area just recently in a pub. Some liberals that knew my buddy were yapping about immigration and how horrible the name ‘illegal’ is…etc. I gave them one of my standard modified BW one liners about how it was NOT a Mexican problem. No one is flooding Mexico with non Mexicans and giving them Health care, Affirmative action etc. As usual, BW type lines are like Nuclear Weapons. Nothing is ever the same after you use them. They got all red hot liberal pissy mad. I just stuck to my guns as usual.

    I then said something new. I told them I never immigrated to this country and was INSULTED that they called these Mexicans Immigrants. They are just illegal. I went on to say that Europeans never immigrated to America—–WE TOOK IT and there is a BIG difference. The liberals nearly spit out their boutique beer. The Asians sitting in the next booth butted in (they were laughing hysterically) and said they respected me and bought me a beer. The liberals were MORE offended by them than by my statement of fact. The liberals then spent an hour arguing with the Japanese gentlemen about how evil I was for bragging about killing off some of their Indian/Asian kin. He kept buying me (and only me) beers.

    Liberals do not understand non-whites. They can’t believe that Arabs would love Putin after he genocides Muslims in Chechnya. I can. He kicked their asses and that is the only thing they do respect.

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