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The Art of Being Wrong


On Stormfront, I was shown to be factually wrong on a point. I replied:


I am often wrong, but saying it is the only way I can get it corrected.

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I don’t want to seem picky, but there are a couple of mistakes in this post.)


This reminds me of a technique I used to use.

As a high-level staffer, I often got to talk to the top people in their own fields like Edwin Teller. Others got nothing out of the experience.

Others would either disagree with them, showing they already knew the subject, and get the standard arguments already in their books, or agree with them and get the standard lines in their books.

I would be very respectful, but “innocently” mention one of the standard opinions they HATED. I did not know better, you see. They would go straight to basics and give me the whole story, starting with the basics, to straighten me out.

I got a full summary course, the best kind. I got incidents they would not think to mention elsewhere.

It didn’t hurt that before being a senior staffer I had had a lot of experience in interrogation.


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Dave, Don’t Forget “Objective” Treason

A moral justification is always offered for betrayal, it’s routine.

These people are always “for” something and “against” something else. They never seem to come to terms with anything beyond this duality.

It is the very thing that is condemned by all great religions and a lesson that is endlessly never learned.

It is a long ways for someone to be confronted with his or her self-interested reasons for betrayal to learning loyalty, and this defines the plight of the white race today.

The world belongs to those who learn loyalty and white nationalism is nothing, if inside it, the ethic of loyalty is facile.

Something has to happen to change this. Some sort of reckoning must transpire, a great upping up the ante regarding the consequences of what is professed and believed.

Keep that in mind when confronting “self-hating white people”.

The underlying issue is bigger than you think.



Traitors lean on being “for” something to justify being against their own people.

But “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do NOTHING.”

A relatively small number of white people put any effort into destroying us. But it is only the even fewer of us who do the fighting who are heavily outnumbered because most whites, while we are being attacked, claim they are being “objective” and “won’t take sides.”

Dante reserved the hottest part of Hell for those, who, in a time of moral crisis, preserved their neutrality.

“Objectivity” is treason.



When the Wagons First Rolled West

From the old WhitakerOnline:

The ancestors of today’s Americans began their westward trek many, many years ago. But today’s historian has almost no interest in most of that westward movement, the part that took place before they crossed the Atlantic into America. Few of today’s Americans are aware that most of the real and historical “Wagons West!” saga ever took place.

For thousands of years, the ancestors of today’s white Americans traveled from the ancient Indo-European homeland somewhere far to the east of Poland. They migrated steadily west and south from there. Our Indo-European ancestors moved steadily westward into Europe.

Only after they had been in Western Europe for many, many centuries did a part of this Indo-European people go on to settle America.

Americans who arrived on these shores over a century and a half ago would not have recognized ancient Roman or Egyptian or Grecian housing and clothing. But the homes of the Germanic and Celtic “barbarians” would have looked very familiar indeed.

The “barbarians'” clothing was not the togas or robes of Greece or Rome, much less that of Egypt. They wore shirts and pants. An old Celtic outfit looks like a suit of primitive but very recognizable Western clothing.

But our children are taught that THEIR ancestors had no history. History comes from Egypt, up through Greece and Rome, and on to our brutish, scarcely human ancestors in Northern Europe.

Back in the real world, real Western history goes back to a westward trek our American ancestors would have readily recognized.

We have no idea when the first wagon set out.

We do know that the first wagon journey that led to to today’s America was at least four thousand years ago. Some of our ancestors were probably called “Scythians” in the ancient Middle East. They brought the wheel to Egypt. Before them, the Egyptians had no wheel. Egypt had no iron until another group of people rolled south, an Indo-European group called the Hittites, and brought it with them. In fact, there is no real evidence that the Egyptians’ rigid, priest-ridden, pyramidal society ever INVENTED anything.

Egyptian history is filled with these northern invasions. Greek history is also a series of northern invasions. Then Roman history becomes a series of northern invasions. In fact, the Italic tribes, some of whom became Romans themselves, were almost certainly northern invaders into the Italian peninsula before history takes note of them.

But the people who rolled into Egypt and into Greece and into Rome were not only from the north, but from the northeast as well. They rolled into Iran about two thousand years Before Christ and the name “Iran” — as you probably know — means “Aryan.” Aryan is also the word those who invaded India from the north and set up the caste system called themselves.

“Caste” is a Portuguese word. The old Indian word for caste is “varna,” which means “color.”

All of these groups were part of the great movement of the same people, the people the ancients called “Scythians” and “barbarians.” Other branches of this same westward drive ended up in America and bred you and me.

Ireland was named “Erin” by the Celts for exactly the same reason that “Iran” and the Indian “Aryans” got their names. Erin, Iran, Aryan — they are all the same name. One of the great linguistic discoveries of the nineteenth century was that many words from ancient Persian and ancient Indian, or Sanskrit, are almost exactly the same as the same words in English, Old Irish (Gaelic), German, Greek, Latin, Russian and all the languages related to them.

And what is the excuse for this total perversion of history? It is the same one that pops up everywhere else in our perverted society: Hitler talked about Aryans, so anybody who traces their history this way is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.


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Tim Has An Obsession That FITS Here: SHWP

Another thing I have started to do over the past few months is direct my anger at the Self Hating White people. I try to keep them under a constant state of criticism. I always say “self hating white people” and I keep saying it and poking fun of them. White Nationalist try to ‘convince’ and ’save’ them. I attack them. Personally and viciously. These particular Asians loved this as well.

Instead of being combative toward non-whites, I am outright hostile toward ‘SHWPs” (self hating white people). This constant state of criticism can turn the page quickly. Hell, the liberals have successfully done it for years on US. Going from an argumentative state toward SHWP’s to a combative state helps me internally as well. It brings out my righteous hatred, they are the ones that put me on a bus that they would never put their kids on. THEY insulate the “elites” so the SHWP’s make up the ‘class that is guilty of EVERYTHING’. (sorry for sounding like a commie…..but I have actually entered many second and third conversions with liberals well after the initial beating given to them….over these types of statements alone). Anti-racist say they want to beat the white male until he is dead. LOL. Well, I kinda have come around to doing these similar tactics to the SHWP’s. They deserve it.

I would say things like:”self hating white people like you always operate under ‘moral supremacy’. It has to be YOUR version of Human Rights, Democracy, environmental policy… etc.” I have developed a handful of these. Non-Whites LOVE these lines. The Asians could NOT stop nodding their heads in agreement. After all, they are TRUE. The liberals looked totally confused and uncomfortable.

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