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richard Blows on the Fire

“Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.”
George Orwell

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THANK YOU, richard!



The Magic Line

From Stormfront Thead, I was answering a Britisher that any former subject of the Crown had a right to be in England. He says he only believes in “democracy and the Rule of Law”:


Would you feel safer in the 1930s under the flawed United States Constitution or under the admittedly much more ideal Stalinist Constitution Stalin gave the USSR in 1936, which gave all the freedoms in the Bill of Rights and even the right to secede?

Would you feel safer in Uganda under British Constitution or in Britain under a British Constitution?

“not racist,” like libertarians, believes in Magic. He thinks that the minute a third-worlder crosses a Magic Line into England, the Magic Line makes him democratic and nice.

Libertarians say that if you bring the whole third world to America, under our Magic Constituting and across that Magic Line called the Rio Grande, everybody will be rich and happy. I am NOT exaggerating here. Strip off all the crap and that is what otherwise adult human beings are SAYING! The Free Market inside our Magic Borders will take care of everything.

“not racist” says that you don’t have to be English to be English. Anybody will do as long as they cross the Magic Line and bow to Her Majesty the Queen. The Free Market and the British Constitution will take care of everything.

You don’t have to argue with these people. You just have to state what they are saying PLAINLY.


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Pain,Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Culture is usually a canard. Some will talk about culture when they are frightened of the little word “race.”

People — the Race — are always more important than culture. People create culture. The culture has worth inasmuch as it fosters people.

Since culture is both creature and servant of the Race, then the Race is always the most important.

But most people here and now talk about culture as a way to run away from “race.”

Comment by Pain


Thank God — and that is NOT blasphemy, ANOTHER expansion on OUR way of thinking!

But most people here and now talk about culture as a way to run away from “race.”

EXACTLY! We all KNOW that, but we never SAY that.

The leftists always use the two steps forward, one step back policy. It always works. A person who has a Confederate flag on his car with “Heritage Not Hate” does not realize he gave our enemies a major step forward:

1) They condemn all Confederate symbols because they represent Racism.

2) Confederate flag people respond by denouncing any concern about the ongoing genocide of the white race as”Racism” and Hate and say THEIR symbol has nothing to do with that.

So the antis just got a major step forward, everybody now agrees any concern over the white race is to be denounced by everybody who loves our Heritage.

We just saw another example. The media went for Cinco de Mayo big time just at the moment it obscured the REAL founding of America exactly four hundred years ago.

Nobody on our side has noticed YET.

Yes, Peter, you hit the nail on the head: “Save our culture” like “Heritage not Hate” is the language of chicken-out. It’s says everythng is culture, not genes. Which happens to be a major plank in the anti platform. Which the “culture” guy is agreeing with.

Way to go, Pain!


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Examples are Everywhere

I never go out, but Pain came from Greenville and got me invited to a party of some like-thinking people Saturday night. Let me assure you I maintained the dignity of the blog, so when they poured me out the door about 3 am I could still see the lawn in front of my face.

By the way, Pain, have you seen my car?

ANYWAY, I was trying to explain our blog’s mode of operation and we were sitting around a portable fireplace in the yard. I said, “You see that fire?” I don’t know if it ever really happened, but it used to be said that early men would set the grass on fire to drive wild cattle over a cliff.”

I continued, “Now if you asked any animal how that giant, red blaze, the one that terrifed thousands of the biggest beings they had ever seen, they would tell you a GIANT did it.”

“If you showed them a human being, a helpless creature with tiny teeth and fingernails, hitting rock together and then blowing carefully on the tiny bits of smoke it produced on a dry leaf, and said THAT was the source, the animal would, if it could, laugh in your face.”

“Everybody is looking for a GIANT. A Giant Conspiracy, Giant corporations, giant ANYTHING. But rich people and corporations, in the end, aren’t really interested in IDEAS, particularly not NEW ones. The Blog is down there blowing carefully on what smoke we can generate. That’s where FIRES come from.”

Maybe my smoking ember is beginning to burn: Lord Nelon simply used the Mantra to show how THEY define our race.

In a thread on socialism in SF, I pointed out that the POINT is that society carefully separates liberals from democratic soclialists from Communists. Anything else is MCCARTHYISM. But nobody separates ANY concern over the white race from Nazism. Nobody ever MENTIONS that, including US!

Examples are EVERYWHERE. Why do I have to come up with them all? Huzzah for Lord Nelson!

Bloggers, light the fire!



Lord Nelson

I get the feeling that the whole system is starting to crack and for the first time in decades being a White anti is not the safe 30 pieces of silver option it used to be.

BTW. Coach I hope you like the idea of a mantra video, it should be ready in a few days.

Comment by Lord Nelson


I LOVE it! It is something conceived and done without my having anything to do with it.

I believe someone else suggested it — I’ll TRY to find hte coments — but if you ran with it yu two are to be commended.

AND Lord Nelson turned the phrasing of the Mantra around to answer that “define white” crap. Yu cannot imagine how HARD it is to get someone to do their OWN thinking and USE mine!

Pain grabbed a couple of sentences I addressed to someone talking about “saving culture,” where pointed out that all the places where we say the WAS a Great Culture are now brown-skinned, and ran with it.

This is SUCCESS!

I don’t want a Whitakerism. I want a group running with what I say, ON YOUR OWN.


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