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StevenP’s Lessons and Al Parker’s Genius

Posted by Bob on May 16th, 2007 under Coaching Session

First of all, we all know StevenP wouldn’t be at this if all he got out of thousands of people reading his stuff was the two more-or-less-useless recruits he mentioned. I have enough trouble getting people to understand my POINT to know that StevenP wants me to make his POINT clear before I go into MINE.

Net statistics are tricky, but StevenP has rubbed THOUSANDS of noses in the Mantra. Once someone GETS that, he is on the defensive. He has wreaked untold damage on the enemy. A lot of people won’t GET the Mantra, but that is more than balanced by the fact that, when anyone GETS, they spread it.

Even if they are AGAINST it. In fact, that is the best place for its spread.

What StevenP was explaining was not what a defeatist would grab onto: “See, I tried, but it’s all HOPELESS!” If that had any truth to it, StevenP would be one of the few who has EARNED THE RIGHT TO QUIT.

Which is why, maybe next to me, StevenP is the least likely to go sit in the Crying Corner.

This is one hell of a fight, and StevenP wants this challenge!


Now, as they said on Monty Python, “Here is something completely different:”

StevenP, who is IN ACTION, explains in fresh numbers what I keep saying here. It’s TOUGH out there blowing on the smoke to get a fire going. That’s why I worked my butt off to get the Mantra and some other SHORT material that StevenP and Mark and Brain could use.

At this point, there are TWO people who have described how hard it is to assemble even the number of people we have here, much less the out-of-sight quality of them.

Look at all the WORK StevenP has done here. And he got two people who aren’t fit to tie your shoes. But AT LAST StevenP gives you a key to understanding I am not just being a promoter when I express pride in the group we have here, and, above all, why it took me YEARS of work and overcoming defeatism in my own mind to do it.

Why did I do this? Was it so people would say, “WOW! That Bob is Tough and a Fighter!” I hate to burst your bubble. I like praise as much as the next guy, But if you think I went through all this just to get your good opinion, you are grossly overestimating your power over me.

But here StevenP has given you, in hard, cold figures, what I am trying to TEACH here. Extrapolate from all his work the time and effort and KNOW-HOW, which is what this seminar is all about, it took for me to assemble this brilliant little band. Extrapolate the KNOW-HOW it took me to get the top-level experts in computers who produced this Blog.

StevenP is showing you what I have to TEACH. Two in twenty thousand, and those two don’t carry through! Is it surprising that my only response to those who lecture me abut how THEY “Have a life” and I don’t understand that problem is a tired smile?

Does it surprise you that, after years and lord knows how much money spent finding the exact weapons to use, I ask AFKAN not to repeat the same thing over and over HERE?

I wish to Heaven I were NOT indispensable. However glorious Mr. Webb says your “heel-clicking” is to me, and would seem to be to HIM, nobody would go through one percent of what I have through for all the heel-clicking at a Nuremberg Rally, especially when they are in my condition.

Unless you have done what I did and StevenP is doing, you cannot imagine how wonderful it is for me when Al Parker says, in passing,

“As far as Harold Covington goes, he is a One True Way man who burned out years ago and spends almost all of his time complaining about the movement (or non-movement) and attacking its leadership and rank-and-file (I guess what you would call a “Webb”). He would surely attack you, AFKAN, for TALKING about his “analytical framework” instead of putting your stuff in a van and heading to the northwest.”

Comment by Al Parker

A “One True Way man!” That is Beautiful! That is the kind of thing I spend YEARS trying to come up with! Al Parker says that in passing, but that is the GENIUS of it, and if you haven’t got the KNOW-HOW I have, you cannot realize he has put a weapon in our hands that a hundred huge TOMES could not have produced.

THAT is what I am looking for here. Not the repetition of some One True Faith. The only thing I demand here is that you help preserve my race. Anything else I say is to entertain ME or you – I need breaks a lot and I assume humans do, too — or an idea I would like some help working out.

To repeat, I can’t get corrected if I don’t SAY it. I say things for you to respond to, not to judge me on.

But the whole point of this seminar is for MY KNOW-HOW TO BECOME YOUR KNOW-HOW.

I am blowing on this flame so that people will say, “Gosh, that Bob sure knows to make a fire from scratch!” The only reason I am making this fire is so that it will spread and drive the damned PC crowd over the cliff.

But you don’t START OUT debating theories of what you will do with all that meat once you drive it over the cliff.

  1. #1 by Stevenp on 05/16/2007 - 6:40 pm

    Just for the record: The 2000 visitors are a fact (that’s been recorded by the tracker) whereas the 20,000 impressions are a speculation.

    The ten to one ratio comes from the internet advertising industry. Generally speaking they’ll pay ten times as much for a “click-thru” as for an “impression”. The idea being that for every person that is so captivated by an ad as to click it, there are ten who see it but move on.

    All my tracker does is record people who click the link. The number of people who see the mantra/riddle but move on without clicking the link is a guesstimate. I simply assume it follows the advertising industry’s standard 10-1 ratio but your guesses are as good as mine.

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