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Posted by Bob on May 22nd, 2007 under Coaching Session

We face the problem that Akismet “sees” the Mantra as spam.

This problem results from ACTIVISM. It shows we have hit enough groups that the machine recognizes us. Since I have fought so many battles ALONE, this lifts my spirits enormously.

And I have WON battles alone! A small group to me is a legion!

I was afraid people were just writing in and taking no action. I couldn’t get REPORTS from more than one or two. My motto is the motto of “follow up,” which is the only thing that works:

“If you haven’t heard about it lately, it isn’t happening.” But in this case, even if I hadn’t heard abut it, it was happening.

To my relief, we have EARNED our first major hurdle, the hurdle of SPAM. How do we DEAL with it? My people are way ahead of me!

Lord Nelson’s and Prometheus’s entries in

give you a perfect guide on how to steer around the Mantra-spam problem.

Read SysOps’ long comment on the spam problem.

If you have been alone for so long in this fight, THREE top people to reference is an unimaginable luxury! The Populist Forum, cited by the Communist newspaper as a big-money right-wing conspiracy, only had three of us in it!

I was at a get-together recently and pointed out that, at this stage in any revolution, people sit around and brag about who has BANNED, not who has PUBLISHED them. The whole Soviet Empire was brought down by people who were banned until the day it fell.

Samizdat, “self-publication” — is what real revolution comes from.

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