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Posted by Bob on May 23rd, 2007 under Coaching Session, How Things Work

Prometheus says:
Anti’s on SF, in response to the “ANY and ALL” are now starting to falter. They are now starting to say “Oh, only lands OUTSIDE of Europe should have to accept masses of non-white immigrants.” This might seem like a trivial concession, I see it as a huge breakthrough.


Anti’s have relied on the fact that people who want to protect thier race would crumble against their standard arguments. While they sat, we would make an argument, try to save face and win their approval.

Now it is THEY who are starting to reject Mommy Professors ideas, in order to appease US.
When an anti says “no wait, I didn’t mean that ALL white nations should have to go multiracial”ť he is making a harsh realisation. He is realising that what WE think of them, DOES matter.

  1. #1 by Dave on 05/24/2007 - 12:53 pm

    The antis live in a world of contradiction.

    Their Political Correctness is diametrically inconsistent. To them laws and values are to be upheld separately and differently according to whether one is white or nonwhite (or Christian, Muslim, or Jew).

    And they see no contradiction in claiming simultaneously that we are in fact subject to the same laws and values. The reconciliation of this contradiction just sort of mystically happens for them. Accordingly, these antis are spiritual, moral, and intellectual infants. They are part of the “directed society” AFKAN speaks of.

    Think about it for a moment: In America, for youth of all ages, the celebrity culture of Jewish MSM is a major component of the “directed society”. Furthermore, the MSM entertainment machine is just as potent transmission vehicle for multi-racial Political Correctness and anti-white content as Mommy Professor is.

    But for all those so happily wearing the MSM’s and Mommy Professor’s Orwellian blindfolds, there is a subset of us that self-select out of participation. We feel an offense and transgression against us that only strengthens us.

    Therefore, the MSM and Mommy Professor act as a selection mechanism for those of us who self-select out, a result directly contrary to their aims. And accordingly, an elite emerges that is “not directed” greatly advantaged by the “directed society’s” arrangements.

    This is a major problem for our enemies.

    Klaus von Clauswitz believed that pacifying an enemy was simply a problem of command. The General’s objective is to bring the enemy’s army under his command and to repurpose its aims. To von Clauswitz, matters of “war” as ordinarily perceived have nothing to do with it. In essence, he saw his own soldiers to be as unruly the enemy’s soldiers.

    His view was realistic in the 18th century circumstances of his experience, but is also useful to us today. We are going to capture those among the antis who have the capacity to remove their Orwellian blinders.

    It is these people we need anyway. Accordingly, the “directed society” works to our advantage.

  2. #2 by AFKAN on 05/25/2007 - 2:47 am

    in reply to Dave:

    you made a point I would like to elaborate on.

    you wrote:

    But for all those so happily wearing the MSM’s and Mommy Professor’s Orwellian blindfolds, there is a subset of us that self-select out of participation. We feel an offense and transgression against us that only strengthens us.

    Therefore, the MSM and Mommy Professor act as a selection mechanism for those of us who self-select out, a result directly contrary to their aims. And accordingly, an elite emerges that is “not directed” greatly advantaged by the “directed society’s” arrangements.

    This is a major problem for our enemies.
    *end snip*

    The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Generation are neutralized by the double-bind system that limits their Minds; thus, the two statements, both inherently false, are unquestioningly accepted, and the attempt to resolve the conflict leads to neutralization. They attempt to deal with this massive cognitive dissonance by doing anything but face the facts; tranquilizers, alcohol, television, whatever.

    It is the Soul’s Inspiration of incredibly powerful raw damn anger that burns away the clouds they have set before us, and allows us to see, clearly, for the first time, that we have been systematically lied to by our RACIAL Enemies.

    Once Awakened, the persona can not go back to Sleep.

    The all-permeating power of RACE is seen in all Aspects of the culture before us; what was ignored is now unbearable, as we see the inversions of morality praised as The Higher Truth.

    Those who experience this Awareness become implacable – and I do mean implacable – adversaries to our RACIAL Enemies, and actively seek ways to secure the blessings of our RACE for our Posterity.

    They also become mad as Hell, and aren’t going to take it any more…

  3. #3 by Dave on 05/25/2007 - 2:30 pm

    Dave replies to AFKAN

    One thing that has happened to me is that I have become less angry and more implacable.

    I am “on to them”, our enemies, in whatever form they manifest themselves.

    When BW criticizes the John Birch Society, for example, he is giving advice on how to effectively oppose “the directed society”.

    The “directed society” needs its opposition to appear in organizational form and notice that BW’s advice is to eschew organizations and to focus on basics only. This is entirely correct and it separates him from the SF crowd and most other white nationalists significantly.

    Unbeknownst to “the political opposition” when they choose to appear in organizational form, they have already been neutralized by the “directed society”.

    This is why organizations such as Vdare are so ineffective in opposing nonwhite immigration.

    The folks of Vdare just don’t get it.

    They operate on the level Congressman Ron Paul operates. The “directed society” needs Ron Paul and the “directed society” needs Vdare.

    Back in the 60s, Tim Leary, Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, etc. launched a “counter culture” that claimed to be a solution to the “directed society”.

    However, the primary value of their “counter culture” was the advocacy of dereliction.

    However, in contrast to the “counter culture’s” stated goals, the “counter culture’s” advocacy of dereliction was actually in alliance with the aims of the “directed society”.

    That is why the “counter culture” was so warmly embraced by the corporate marketing machine. A drug scene, an immigration mess, and a ghetto scene is needed by the “directed society”.

    From time to time even a rip-snorting riot is needed by the “directed society”.

    Even now, fifty years after its birth, the corporate marketing machine can’t and refuses to give up “the counter culture”.

    It makes me so sick I can hardly endure it; to have the vulgarity of dereliction slogged at me endlessly my entire life by our “official culture”.

    But now “the directed society” in its hubris has upped the ante.

    Now it is actually really and truly ignoring the most fundamental principle of how to unite society:

    In the name of Political Correctness it is now fully applying separate legal and ethical standards according to ethnicity and religion by allowing ethnic, country of origin, and religious criteria (read “ethnic customs”) to trump the actual recorded and duly legislated or established criminal, civil law, and common law.

    This is a catastrophe. It is a deliberate summoning of ethnic and racial conflict into being.

    And it is this what BW sees that nobody else is seeing.

    It never occurs to the Stormfronters or the British National Party folks that Political Correctness makes the “directed society’s” actual aim a deliberate fomenting of racial and ethnic conflict.

    This is a big claim for me to make, but goddamn it, this is what I see with my own eyes and with my actual day-to-day experience as occurring.

    I see it everywhere, for example, when sales taxes are not enforced against Asian restaurants, when African immigrants are allowed a pass by DHS regarding their growing labor trafficking trade (peons brought in from Africa to work as nannies and housekeepers for well-heeled and legalized immigrants in NYC and elsewhere), or LAPD’s dereliction in allowing gang dominion in the LA barrios, etc, etc. etc.

    Get my drift?

    For all those out there who want a race war, I say, by god, you are going to get what you want.

    Accordingly, the law becomes a farce when country of origin and ethnic and religious “customs” are permitted to trump the actual law.

    Therefore, Political Correctness makes race war in our time the actual policy of the “directed society”.

    Make no mistake about it.

  4. #4 by AFKAN on 05/25/2007 - 6:22 pm

    in reply to Dave:

    You made two excellent points, both worthy of more elaborate analysis – and commentary.

    The concept of “the directed society,” and its control mechanisms, needs more discussion. The use of false flags as fronts to control potential opposition, and mislead/neutralize actual opposition, is worthy of volumes in itself.

    Two examples:

    One, in the tv series “Reilly, Ace of Spies,” Reilly asked Dzerhinsky, first head of what would become the KGB, how he intended to deal with a White Russian charity that supported the opponents of the new Regime.

    Dzerhinsky laughed, and said he had started this charity solely to keep an eye on his opponents…

    Two, I watched in horrified amazement as the Children of the Sixties actively preached, and practiced, revolution. It just didn’t make sense that upper middle-class kids would act in favor of overthrowing the System, which they would one day inherit.

    I was amazed as the meme of “Equality” was used as a guideline for action; anything that leveled our creations was thus noble, while anything that elevated evil was also…noble.

    There were no limits; “By Any Means Necessary” was emblazoned on t-shirts. I told one of my fellow students they had no idea what they were letting themselves in for.

    Guess WHOSE Agenda they were fulfilling, all in the name of “Rebellion?”

    The System is not without resources, either.

    One of the Worker’s Party members came by reading a new magazine that “really speaks the truth about what needs to be done, and how we can do it.”

    The magazine was called RAMPARTS.

    It was expensively done, beautiful, glossy, brightly colored, great graphic design, and very well written, in contrast to the pulped revolutionary manifestos they were usually handing out.

    All I could think of was, “What’s WRONG With This Picture?”

    Then I recalled the Maximum Leader of this group was always doing petition drives on campus…


    “Directed rebellion.

    Heh heh heh.

    My Mentor looked at the kids out during a “Stop The War” Rally, and said, “Remember this. This events stop the campus just before mid-terms, and finals. As well, they are not really opposed to the Vietnam War. It removes their potential blue-collar competition from the gene pool, and the labor pool. The Vietnam War overpumps the economy, and for the first time, we can afford the luxury of too many kids in college, who are not really opposed to the Vietnam War, but who REALLY oppose the Draft. I mean, they REALLY oppose the Draft. The most vocal leaders are seniors, and feel the hot breath of the draft board running down their neck. Something to think about.”

    “Directed rebellion.”

    I am learning to direct my anger in a positive direction, as motivation.

    I think of what must have inspired the early Mormon Church leadership as people pulled handcarts with all of their worldly possessions more than a thousand miles to the middle of Nowhere, in the fulfillment of their RACIAL Destiny.

    There was a lot of anger, but it was harnessed, and disciplined, and not wasted in the impotence of seeing a horrible situation they are unable to accept, much less change.

    That takes us to the coming race war.

    Remember, the Jews have always been in a race war against all other races. Their special joy is in setting the strongest of their potential competitor against one another, and then assisting the winner on their terms.

    Think “Morgenthau Plan” for post-war Germany. Then, think of the deindustrialization and military gelding of America.

    This focus on a race war certainly avails our RACIAL Enemies mightily…

    For a Season.

    My CQB Instructor always said, “Never fight the fist alone. Fight the Mind that controls the fist.”

    I am.


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