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Posted by Bob on May 31st, 2007 under Bob

I was away from a computer for over a week and just sat down and looked over what happened!!!

I AM ECSTATIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a dream come true! You just grabbed it and ran!!

All my talk about how, if I was out of the picture, you would just grab it and run, but each time I went off for few days a year ago, things — excuse the expression — just petered out. I was very worried.

This is a dream come true.

In case I’ve been too subtle here, you done good.

Now I can do what ***I*** do, write.

Now that we have the body of work that I really needed to do, I can start putting in some new thughts.

But after all the years and all the hours and a huge expenditures, the job is DONE.

WE are moving. WE are ready to spread the message.

I talked to Antonio Fini while I was on the trip. He said he hadn’t been on the blog. I was disppointed, Then he addded, as an afterthought, “but I have been pushing the MANTRA.” My response was, “Why didn’t you tell me THAT to start with! You’re DOING it!”

This is now our home base, but the BATTLE, the POINT, is out there with the Mantra. You USE the Blog for your material. But this job is DONE. If my further writings help, great, but this is no longer Bob’s Blog and Bob’s Job.

I will write more, and I hope to live up to YOUR action. But the shoe is now exactly where all my effort went to putting it, on YOUR foot.

WE are on OUR way!

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