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No Bad Reds on TV

One of these days I am going to see a bad Communist on TV.


I have seen villages after The People’s Friends got through with them. I have seen what is left of men they captured. I have never seen either on TV.

One American woman got into trouble in South America. She was wearing a fashionable tee-shirt with Chinese written on it, and it never occurred to her that Latin American peasants in the back country would recognize a Chinese slogan popular — and unrecognized — in Yuppie San Francisco.

They had seen it before. It was carried by the Shining Path guerrillas, a Progressive Socialist group down there.

Americans tend to idolize law-breakers like John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde, so the left uses this lawless tendency to advertise Shining Path and Che Guevara. But John Dillinger only killed one person and that was accidental. Che was a little different.

As with Lenin and Trotsky, also worshiped by our left, Che loudly proclaimed and practiced “Terrorism,” mass killings, torture to an extent you don’t want to hear about. They would call Dillinger and even Bonnie and Clyde “bourgeois,” as in bourgeois thinking.”

Communism sees all income distribution as a “political matter.” Anyone who has anything stole it from someone else. The is no other consideration. Not only is religion the Opiate of the Masses, but every value which takes one mind off the Objective Goal is a diversion from Reality. As with the Inquisition, mercy is such a diversion.

The Church said that mercy got in the way of Mercy. Burn ‘em SLOW so they learned what the flames of Hell were like, use fire to save them from the hotter and Eternal fire. The Communists had no ideas that fanatics had not practiced earlier. And Nazis had no ideas that were not already in action among Communists.

Institutions are always alike, because they compete with each other. Every institutions sees things like simple mercy or simple truth as delusions, EVIL delusions. For the Church they came from the Devil. For Nazis they came from Jews, for Communists they are the product of the bourgeoisie.

When sadists unleash this kind of “morality” on Latin Americans, they recognize the Chinese phrase that came with it.