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We are at the Spark Stage

Every now and then I am delighted to see concentrated discussions of action on the Mantra. But they’ve died out. What I am getting now is musings on the world in general. There are worse things than stimulating thought, most of it highly literate, but it isn’t our WAR.

I can’t tell what you are doing out in the real world of if you don’t report on it. Gator said I should give an assignment each week. Gator, no one takes my “assignments.” I begged BUGSers for months to simply put good BUGS entries on Stormfront, just copy and paste, and the only person who did it was Brain, who already has too much to do.

Gator put the Mantra out and said so. He seems to be almost unique lately. I am sure our old solid group, like Lord Nelson, are out there doing it but they don’t REPORT it.

There is, of course, the problem that I am almost blind here. I had to bitched and complained to Gator that I couldn’t FIND his piece at the link he gave. All I cold see was the title and the statement that there were 14 comments on it, then it listed other topics.

I finally SCROLLED DOWN and found the whole thing and the comments. Gator assumed I would naturally do that in the first place. When someone is as dense as I am in these things, there’s not a hell of a lot Gator or anybody else can do for me.

But Bob is your main instrument here. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. I have to face the fact that Bob is all I have. I used to tell my wife, “If you think putting up with me is bad, try BEING ME for a while.”

I got her sympathy with that one!

As for giving assignments, I can only quote General Lee: “I cannot get my orders carried out.” If General Lee had that problem, you can’t expect this lesser Robert to handle it. Gator got fourteen comments, and SO FAR, he has found a forum where his Mantra has not been wiped out. This gave him a chance to make a FURTHER comment on the replies.

We have not had much chance to talk about comments because the Mantra is usually wiped out almost immediately. This illustrates my point: I am almost dead blind here. I don’t know how many discussions are going on that I don’t hear about. And this is vital to me.

Gator says 11 of the 14 comments probably came from BUGS people. But folks like to PLAY with their screen names. It seems to be considered cute. So one commenter uses several names here, and the comments there were under several names. Where does that leave ME or anybody lese trying to analyze replies?

Please consider my position when you get cute with screen names. In this case they may have been necessary to make two comments instead of one in one name.

But not one commenter SAID he got in there!

I’m BLIND here, gang!

But I was DELIGHTED to see that in those Gator comments our folks grabbed onto the “You are justifying genocide line, which is the second punch in discussing Mantra, and HELD onto it.

If 11 of the comments were from us, that has its encouraging side. They did it RIGHT. When you are forming your first team as we are, getting it RIGHT is critical to your coach.

We are lighting a fire. Modern men have a hard time with lighting a fire without matches because they are used to just flipping a lighter. Doing it from scratch is a LONG process. We have come a long way in igniting a fireplace, but when it comes to lighting the kind of fire we are doing, the old process is still there.

In history books the process of forming an idea and then making it knows looks quick, “Thirty years later, it was common knowledge.” When you are reading a history books, thirty years doesn’t impress you. But every single one of those years was REAL and SLOW to those living it.

I have hit and hit and hit and finally I have a tiny spark. It takes forever to create a tiny spark, and then you have to puff and not blow to keep it going, to keep from killing it. That is when you are trying to start a campfire.

We are changing the WORLD.

In fact it is the difficulties we have that demonstrated that we are trying to do something that big. At this stage, I am more than happy to see a few of us get it RIGHT.