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“The ORIGINAL Mantra Group”

I have begun to read General Comments.

Gator61 is actually going for it, using the Mantra. He and at least one other of us is USING THE MANTRA on Yahoo Talks at question about the Mantra.

One of the only two rational replies ended with “You must be from BUGS.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you spread your message. It takes a LONG time to be identified when you produce a samizdat, so other people — I assume that last person was one of us — will see this title and wonder about it.

Now or later people will try to Google BUGS. I tried it and naturally BUGS refers to the little creatures. I only found our BUGS when I put in “BUGS Whitaker.” It was at the end of page one of references. Somewhere in the general BUGS title it may be far back, I didn’t look.

I may try BUGS Mantra.

This is big progress. This is what accumulates.

The knee-jerk replies mean nothing, of course. But what is important is that, unlike anybody on our side, Yahoo Talks did not erase the Mantra and put it in the Memory Hole by the time I got to it. No one now has any excuse not to put the Mantra SOMEWHERE.

Don’t stick to sympathetic fora. I believe Virginia Dare would be first to erase it. If I am wrong, tell me and we have another place to hit.

We are not in a unique position here. All through history the greatest breakthroughs have been made by people who spent time developing their points down to the nub and then somehow getting it past an establishment, and the establishments established “opposition,” which is determined to wipe it out.

In fact, that, more than any Great Battles, is what MAKES real history.

I am beginning to believe that someday you will be able to say, “I was with the ORIGINAL BUGS, the Original Mantra Group.”