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Some Passive Aggressive Humor

Back in the days before every white gentile went into automatic fetal position, their reaction was passive-aggression.

A reporter demanded to know if the country club John Kennedy belonged to barred Jews. His reply was, “Hell, they don’t even let in CATHOLICS.”

Barry said he belonged to a country club, but they only let him play nine holes because he was half Jewish.

Goldwater said he was sick and tired of being saying he waffled on integration:

“If someone asks me about segregation, I look them straight in the eye and say: ‘Where are you FROM?’”

They looked up Wallace’s records from his combat days and found that he had been treated for extreme stress. Was he able to take on the responsibility of being president?

Wallace answered, “After the treatment psychiatrists approve me to go back to the war.”

He added, “I have papers that say I’M sane. What have YOU got?”

We are actually getting out there and USING the Mantra. I can now use your examples of the results. One has to do with this passive-aggressive method. Most of the “replies” to the Mantra are simply pointing out that the responder is for Love and Brotherhood and we are against it.

An old anti-Communist told us at the Republican Leadership Training Convention in 1962 that his opponents in debate would point out that Communism was for Equality, Brotherhood, Fairness and so forth. How could he be against this Idealism?

He responded, “You remind me of a fish swimming along who sees a worm a fisherman is using as bait. The fish says to himself, That is good food, good protein, and it will taste good. Why shouldn’t I eat it?”

He then said, “The problem with the worm is the same problem you don’t see in Communism:

“There’s a HOOK in it!”

You can USE this.

And while we are in practical debate mode, let me remind you of Pain’s absolutely brilliant method for introducing the Mantra:

“Do you want to hear my Conspiracy Theory?”

People will.

In a REAL discussion that is pure gold! You get in the Mantra as they are waiting for the joke!

Passive-aggressive strategy again. There’s nothing like it.