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FOX’s Anti-White Initiative

Like all respectable conservatives FOX is trying to get every Haitian under the age of forty adopted into American families. And they are GLORYING in it.

“We the People of the United States and OUR Posterity.” That is the ONLY state authority and the ONLY stated PURPOSE Americans have ever adopted. This is the rock on which any possible alliance with the respectable right breaks up.

This is what the respectable right GLORIES in. Nothing makes a respectable conservative so sickeningly righteous as when they out-liberal the liberals. They are so smug, they are so PROUD.

This is the poison in the so-called Pro-Life Movement. They are never so ecstatic as when they can crow about how they value the beating heart of the fifteenth baby in a family in Ethiopia as t hey do for the any American white American child. Mindlessness is always costly.

As Larry Niven says, “Stupidity has always been a capital offense.”

Nothing is more fatal to scientific advance than MILITANT ignorance. Nothing is more deadly to human beings than mindless “Idealism.”

Genocide is fine with conservatives as long as it is done by “assimilation.” In fact, they are droolingly proud of that. When I developed the Mantra it was my last break with conservatism. Conservatives’ main argument against Hispanics and Moslems is that refuse to date and marry the conservatives’ offspring.

The Mantra makes it clear that there is no compromise with this “assimilation” method of genocide. And nothing else on the political horizon makes this clear.