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An Apology and a Thank God for BoardAd

When BoardAd started the new General Comments it was a terrible shock to me. I have not been looking in that section for months! It had petered out, so I didn’t look at it.

I felt I had let you down horribly. But now that I HAVE looked at them, I am much happier about the whole thing. General Comments are excellent and, what came as a relief to me, you didn’t NEED me there!

“Our discussion is going very well, Bob, thank you very much.”

This last is a critically important point. That, in fact, is what gives BUGS a future. I don’t think any Leader in politics, left, right, or pro-white, would be relieved to find that things are going right along without him.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the key to our success.

After my guilt rush, I am enjoying reading the General Comments.

Skype-writing BoardAd a few days ago I happened in on a conversation on which Lord Nelson was having with him, which was supposed to include me after I had gone away abruptly as BoardAd allows me to do. It was GREAT!

BoardAd and Lord Nelson were discussing your ongoing activities, from White Rabbit to, one by one, most of our regular commenters and other BUGSers besides. You are not only going out and DOING it, you are going out and DOING it in a MENTALLY DISCIPLINED way.

Every reminder I would have put in was emphasized between BoardAd and Lord Nelson, with some additions that were dead on the money and I would be proud to have made myself. I was glad I missed the discussion because I was afraid I might screw it up.

Even better, the discussion was about how YOU keep forcing each other back on track.

I have a legacy!


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Aid to Haiti

Communism accomplished one thing that was truly unique. They managed the only white countries on earth that managed to live like third worlders. While Japan and Germany got from desperation to American living standards, Russia and China managed to remain completely stagnant. Today Communist Mozambique has managed a feat once thought impossible: they actually have a living standard as low as that of HAITI!

I believe The Comedians, with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor was the only movie I have ever seen which actually showed third-world reality without the whole movie being devoted to showing the CIA or white men in coats and ties were responsible. The movie, even with Peter Ustinov and Alec Guinness, was a total box office flop.

No one noticed that Ethiopian children were starving, not because of white men in coats and ties, but because the ample food supplies being sent were blocked by Communists and stolen by locals.

The bottom line is that no one CARES about starving Ethiopian children or starving Haitians. If they did they would be raising hell about the Communist blockade of Ethiopia and about the stealing of children’s food locally, because you can’t do anything about it THERE as long as these things are in place.

But, just as Futurology has nothing to do with the future, Food for Children seldom has anything to do with starving children. They are not doing anything that happens THERE. The promoters are HERE, just as Futurology has no interest in the future, its job is to get publish NOW, to become famous NOW, to become Futurology Experts NOW.

As long as children keep starving in Ethiopia, you can raise huge amounts of money HERE. Those who blockade and steal the food keep the money-raisers in cash and get a lot of fame for those who want a fashionable cause to push.

Money is not the only, or even the main payoff starving black children provide. Jane Fonda talked about “starving children in upstate South Carolina.” She doesn’t even know what starvation IS. No one really criticizes her for this, because it makes no difference HERE. She is using the standard word “starvation” to push her political agenda and everybody knows it.

And no one CARES what it really is THERE.

Haiti is one of the very, very few countries on earth which has managed to routinely STARVE its children with no outside aid. As in Ethiopia no matter how much aid you pour in it is the LOCALS who will get their share before any of it gets to anybody poor.

In fact, when it comes to actual starvation, only pure imperialism can possibly work. And it is “imperialism” that the local authorities use to be sure THEY get the stuff first. It is a classic Catch-22: a country is going to have starving children if the locals are stupid, greedy, merciless and all the things you are not allowed to say about third world countries.

Compared to avoiding saying things you shouldn’t say, starving children mean nothing at all.