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Posted by Bob on February 25th, 2010 under Coaching Session

“Integration is like mixing sugar with s***. It doesn’t help the s*** and it RUINS the sugar.” A NORTHERN senator said that in the 1950s. Our whole society today is based on the idea that when groups mix, it helps correct the problems of the deprived group.

That is not how things work in general. “One rotten apple spoils the barrel.”

How many sane people would believe that if you take a bunch of largely foul-mouthed hostile kids and put them in with normal kids, the result will ALWAYS be that it affects the normal children not at all, but it ALWAYS improves the former group?

Every time, without exception.

Well, that is what EVERY, repeat EVERY “scientific” study of racial busing, EVERYWHERE, shows.

Once again, no one ever puts in these simple Mantra terms. Just STATING the thing makes it a laughing stock. But no one will do that. You cannot explain this in terms of “bias.” The information STARTS this way, it isn’t a group of otherwise serious people who happen to show bias in one area.

You can’t start with this bias crap. You have to START with the question, “Why was this information PRODUCED?” There is racial busing, therefore there MUST be public studies on it. This is entirely different from saying that academics are really interested in the subject. In a society where you can be ruined or arrested for debating diversity or integration, there is simply no demand, no grant money, no publication and no curiosity about any actual results, and we call know it.

But no one ever SAYS this. It makes the Professional Academics, whom respectable conservatives have to worship with their butts in the air, into paid actors. Bit you simply cannot state the question without he answer being obvious.

So no one states the question. For those who don’t like these “studies,” what you can SELL, the information you can PRODUCE, is a Conspiracy Theory. The conspiracy theory is the only opposition.

Go back to the god damn BASIC QUESTION: Why is this information PRODUCED?

Our information is NOT produced because no one is interested in the BASIC question.

You will find that you will always find people wanting got get you off boring reality, your repeatedly returning to Why is this information produced? They want to talk about something they can enjoy, like Jews or Conspiracies or their the sort of pet theories we see in so many comments.

Over many, many years of trying to make people see the obvious, an alarm bell goes off in my mind when I find the talk has become lively. It used to always mean that we had gotten off the subject. I am fascinated by seeing the obvious realities. Most people do all that when they are in school or trying to impress others. When they talk they want to be entertained.

For that reason basic questions are ignored. To put this in basic terms: No one demands that THAT information be produced.

When I point out that in every area where there is money and power there is headline corruptions, except one, the press, almost everybody responds with the same two answers:

1) Of course, and

2) That’s paranoid Conspiracy stuff.

But the critical stuff here is that 1) and 2) are not replies from two different groups. In a long conversation, almost every average person will say BOTH things. Again, other people don’t notice it because they don’t reduce what is said to BASIC terms. They don’t KNOW that what they are saying is simply “Of course” and “That is paranoid thinking.”

Most people would not understand the progression of this article. I started with a criticism of studies on integration, but instead of repeating all the contradictions of those studies, I went on to THINKING ABOUT why these errors are made. You won’t find a discussion like this elsewhere.

Mention warped studies on race and you will face a deluge of statistics and denunciations. No one analyzes, IN DEPTH, what everybody knows, how studies that are paid for and get published, are produced. This leaves the other side at least as strong as you are. In the end, we just quote other studies. They’re ready for that.

What they are not ready for is an explanation of why everybody knows what studies are going to say. Everybody knows it, but nobody SAYS it.

The ONLY cure for this is BUGS and Mantra Thinking.

THINK, then and Say It.

  1. #1 by Peter rabbit on 02/25/2010 - 9:01 am

    In response to a BUGS discussion on Facebook, a non-BUGs person wrote a great response to an anti-white who said:

    “You would be long dead and gone before all races become one, why is it such a big deal? You won’t even see that day”

    His response: “Amanda you are one sick puppy.

    I guess you also believe that since the holocaust, slavery etc. happened before you were even born, then that’s no “big deal” either?

    No doubt global warming is no “big deal” to you. As you will be long dead before the ice caps finally melt.

    Or perhaps you only use this kind of logic to justify the future extinction of whites in Europe? Make no mistake about this. Other races in their respective parts of the world, are in no danger from this twisted ideology.

    I agree with the other poster. “Anti racist is a code word for anti-white”

    (Thanks to the person who started this discussion. Interesting topic)”

    He GOT IT…”Anti racist is a code word for anti-white” by reading through a discussion where we simply used the mantra and anti-white screamed racism, damned us to hell and ultimately argued that yes, it is genocide but it won’t occur for another few generations. It is on page 2 of:!/topic.php?uid=73766536497&topic=13989

  2. #2 by shari on 02/25/2010 - 11:39 am

    I noticed some oddly produced information the other day. A BLONDE white woman was giving a plea for helping poor children,with no clean water on the telebishon. The children, she was pleading for, were two blonde white children. It stuck out like a sore thumb. I’m sceptical that whoever funded that appeal just happened to notice that there are poor suffering white children TOO.

  3. #3 by Dave on 02/25/2010 - 12:36 pm

    Johnny can’t think.

    Johnny goes to college and engages in lively discussion.

    Johnny graduates and Johnny still can’t think.

    Then Johnny goes out into the world and engages in lively discussion.

    Johnny lives his life engaging in lively discussion.

    Then Johnny dies of old age without ever having learned how to think.

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