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Uncle Bob Wants YOU!

Organizations always ask you for money or your vote.

I ask for YOU.

You will find the people who are paying their dues to BUGS over in General Comments 7.

Frankly what I am asking from you is not nearly as easy as money. It is getting in there, directly in the enemy’s face, wherever he is, in personal conversation, hitting blogs in the period before they ban us, and having the patience to do a thoroughly consistent job of it.

Some in GC-7 get a kick out of this. Most combat mercenaries actually enjoy combat. Combat mercs are the same people who love fast cars, but only if they are taking hideous risks while doing it.

Most of us do not like getting shot at or being in a car accident. But thanks God for those who are on our side and who DO get a kick out of it.

A commenter in GC-7 gave us a link to one of his fights on the Internet. He showed solid discipline. He answered each of the standard attacks, all of which we have heard a thousand times, with a short and devastating Mantra reply, and ended every single time with :

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Damn, he’s GOOD!

It is hard work for person with a frontal lobe. An anti-white can write a sentence or a book, but everything he says comes down to a few endlessly repeated statements. After reading BUGS you an knock them on their asses.

But you have to keep at it.

They do no thinking, it is a like arguing with robots. As I said, this is a cruel thing to ask of an animal with a large frontal lobe. You have to resort to the behavior of a particularly intelligent insect.

But an insect is built for it. An insect is used to it.

Yes, it would be a lot easier not to throw our racial survival into a conversation.

But if YOU don’t, NOBODY will.

A check won’t do it.

Your vote won’t do it.

It’s you or nobody.

Uncle Bob wants YOU!