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Sarge Kicks Me in the … Reminds Me of Something

Mark says:

1. Good work Richard — I don’t know if Bob caught the significance of your post, but I sure as hell did! It’s actions like these that take our people out of the stereo-typed, knee-jerk reactions we’ve all been conditioned to (thanks to jew t.v.). It bothers me how many of us automatically act like the cardboard characters the media portrays us as. What you’ve done is broke the mold and proved we are more than what jew t.v. portrays us as.


I will very often delay discussing a comment that impresses me deeply. I want so badly for it to stick in your mind, but if you have ever written a letter protesting something you really HATED, you will know how hard it is to get started. The same is true with me of something I am overwhelmed by.

Richard has done what I dream of. He didn’t just talk about what I said, or make the same point the umpteenth time. He USED my thinking in a REAL situation. Thousands of people have heard my points again and again and again. But when a real debate starts, they forget it all and go for what they’re used to. Richard USED it.

I remember when Jared Taylor was on a major talk show. He was trying to show what a Real Gent he was. After Taylor talked about Immigration, the fact came up that JAPAN was not under pressure to take in the third world. Taylor just said “Yes” and went back to his “See What a Cool Dude I Am” bit.

You can imagine how I felt about that.

Richard USED my thinking when something actually came up. Sarge is right. The significance of that is enormous.

This doesn’t fit on this thread, but I wanted to tell you something that happened recently. I was working with the BNP on a local council in England, and they were planning to call for the abolition of the council’s ‘Black and Minority Local Government Workers Association’. The reasoning was that it was wrong for the nonwhite workers to have their own group while the whites don’t.
I was going to support their call, but then I thought, ‘What would Bob do?’ I realized that the answer wasn’t to abolish the nonwhite group, but to establish a white group. So now the BNP councilors are going to call for a White British Local Government Workers Association to be set up alongside the nonwhite one.
The shift from being ‘anti them’ to being ‘pro us’ is a very significant one, and I think it will have a big effect on their level of support. May 3rd is the local council elections date, so keep an eye out.
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