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Posted by Bob on May 1st, 2007 under History


“Cutting them up” meant that, hearing that I was an unapologetic young racist.”

America was a different country then. Today you would be kicked out of school.

Comment by Pain


Pain, using my diplomacy with which you are thoroughly familiar, hence the screenname “Pain” you are justly proud of, I say BULLSHIT!

It was NOT safer back then to be like me. The same professors I had so sweetly corrected, despite their careful anti-racism and tenure, were all kicked out of UVA by the Free Speechers: “We’re going to get rid of that nest of right-winger in the economics department.”

Two of that “nest” later got Nobel Prizes.

I never got my PhD because of it.

Things are BETTER now. Nobody used the term “Political Correctness” then. Cleaning out all opposition was routine and never questioned back then.

Pain, as my heroes, The Masturbation Generation (MG), says, “You young folks just don’t appreciate how hard WE had it!”

Oh. And also, as the MG says, “Gimme MONEY!”

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