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Posted by Bob on May 5th, 2007 under Comment Responses

Dave had hit on a fascinating point concerning the role of Positive Racism in the future.Sir James Goldsmith created the Referendum Party in England solely to act as a counterweight to the (Jewish-controlled) Elite’s unchallenged march for integration into Europe, starting with the adoption of the Euro. They lost the ‘97 Election, also known as the Blair Coronation, but Goldsmith was quite happy. When interviewed he said, “We have made all of the parties, Referendum parties.”

When Kevin Phillips wrote on “The Emerging Republican Majority,” he knew the key to Republican success was “the South” – a genteel euphemism for White People Who Worked For A Living. Their Northern brethren were referred to as “the hard-hats.”

Then, they spoke – and acted – as ONE in defining and dealing with the collapse of Society demonstrated by the 1968 Democratic National Convention riots.

Today, I think they are reacting the same way to the attack on America – particularly at the economic level, AND the Quality of Life level – by the illegals. As well, they see the illegals as being coddled by the Elites, as were the hippies and draft deferred (spelled “dodging”) college students.

This gradual slide into decline that we are experiencing is a reflection of our failure to deal with the issues of RACE, at the level of the nation-state. At the same time, ONE event crystallizes the Awareness. Then, it was the riots at the Democratic National Convention.

Now, I suspect, it was the firing of Don Imus.

I am heartened by the firestorm that this has created in talk radio discussions; it is a simple to understand event that means One Thing, and every White person understands the non-verbal message.

Further proof of the hypothesis:

Yesterday, the LAPD fought BACK!

The times, they are a’changin!

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